This post has been inspired by Leah Honiball and her fabulous blog.

Today I followed this recipe and got great results!

I didn’t start off with brown rice from scratch. Instead, I used Bulgogi Marinade Fried Rice from H-Mart. This is a white rice and it comes already cooked, with mushrooms, garlic, red pepper, and a variety of other wonderful vegetables.

The reason I chose this recipe is because I am approaching a vegetarian diet. The last time I ate fish was eating a few shrimp with pasta last week, and I’m hoping that will be the last time for a good time.

I made a simple sauce for adding on top using Chili Sauce, Sriracha, and lemon. I would say it was 4 parts Chili, 1 part Sriracha, and a 1/4th of a lemon.


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