Today I woke up quite late. I am sick with a stuffy nosy, headache, fatigue, and sore throat. I have a slight cough. I did not run today.

I went to yoga and it was funny, today was the third time that the instructor mentioned a yoga theme which was exactly what my friend and I had been experiencing that day or the day before.

The first time this happened, it was the “back pain buster” theme when I went to yoga. Then it was when my friend had anxiety, the class the next day was on getting rid of anxiety. Then it was today. My friend and I went to Mod’s pizza and they were telling me about their sinus infection and how it causes their mind to be cloudy. They were asking me how to achieve clarity. I too had dealt with the same issue today, since my mind was far from clear.

Usually the Kundalini classes I go to are quite difficult. Tonight, the instructor said that they wouldn’t be hard on the body, just the mind, and that the theme would be bringing clarity to the mind.

I let the instructor know that they are a mind reader for this was the third time that they picked a theme which resonated with my friend and I. The instructor said that before classes they read at least three blogs on the energy around the world and what’s going on, so it’s not necessarily intrinsic as much as it is being in tune with the external world and what’s going on.

Needless to say, whatever this instructor is doing is very nice. It would be nice to have someone like that be the president, or a teacher of kids, or something. I guess they are a teacher and the president to me, so that’s all that really matters.

Anyways, before yoga I did a little parkour. I was feeling like being active since I didn’t want to just jump into yoga from sickness to activity. I accidentally cut my hand in the center, I joked to my friend that I was Jesus. All jokes aside, the cut continues to hurt.

The person who worked at the cabinet of the yoga place couldn’t find band-aids so I went to my car and got some. I put one on when I got back to the studio, and then I gave the person at the cabinet some. They were happy and bowed down and thanked me, I said you’re welcome and went into the class.

In the class I had a great time.

At the end of the class I heard a woman speaking to the woman at the cabinet. I just wanted to ask the cabinet-lady what the name of the movie I was watching on the TV was called (Ashes and Snow). Before you know it, I was deep in a conversation with the cabinet-lady and the woman speaking with her. I found some oils with rollers and saw one was for headaches. I rolled some on my friend’s neck and they were amazed it was for headaches. Then I went back into the conversation.

The funny thing is that I had intended to get the cabinet lady’s phone number. I liked how she looked for band-aids for me and actually cared about finding them. I was too shy to ask the cabinet-lady for her phone number though. However, the woman she had been speaking with was very interesting and working on getting some areas set up for vendors to display their cannabis. I had a few things to share on this matter, from my abilities in building websites to photography and videography. The woman was excited and I asked her for her number.

Before you know it, the cannabis lady was writing down her number, the cabinet-lady said she would give me her number too. It was interesting, once again, to say the least. I mean, for the past month I have been strictly awkward with women and on a streak of dis-interest or flat-out rejection. To ask one woman for her number, who was interested in setting up a photoshoot with me, and to get two women’s numbers on the same piece of paper, one which I had wanted the number of but I was too shy to ask for, was WAY too much for my mind to comprehend.

Literally on the drive to my friend to pick them up for the yoga studio, I had a thought in my mind of “what if I find a store with enough volume that doesn’t have sales and I ask for 1% in return for creating a site for them?” I specifically thought of cannabis sellers in Colorado and California. Also a few days ago I got two business cards from vendors in D.C. that I was interested in reaching out to. With virtually no effort on my part, the universe introduced me to someone who is not only working on getting areas for vendors, but also has an elaborate idea for a cannabis website and that no-one has done before.

Both the cannabis and cabinet lady have amazing names. Both of them are amazing people. I texted the cabinet lady afterwards and she responded back that she “was just thinking of how powerful energy you brought to me… The name was just to top if off. Thank You.” When I first checked into yoga the woman was amazed with my name. When I was getting the number of the cannabis lady and she asked me for my name, the cabinet lady chimed in again at how great my name is and the cannabis lady agreed.

If any of them felt energy from me it was just a reflection of their own. It must have been. I was and still am extremely sick! My hair is a mess especially since I took a name earlier and that affects how it looks.

I told the cabinet lady that I would like to understand the energy she mentioned. I’m hoping to see her again. I thanked her for sharing another class with me that takes place on Wednesdays. She responded back “that’s the return of the powerful love you emitted. Thank You (Yourself). You are Welcomed.”

Woah. That’s a pretty nice text to get from the woman I was so shy I wasn’t even going to ask for her number!

So this movie, called Ashes and Snow, is so beautiful. The cabinet lady said that the director had a lot of criticism and producers didn’t think it would do well. I told her it makes me want to shoot a movie and she agreed. To be quite frank here, if this man Gregory Colbert did not create this movie, I would not have spoken to these women more than “goodbye” on my way out. It was the beautiful movie which captivated me enough to wait for the cabinet and cannabis lady to finish their discussion on the topic of places that chant mantras in the area, for me to chime in with a yoga and meditation group, and then to ask the name of the movie, that got me the number of the woman I was too shy to ask and the number of a woman who is literally one of the coolest people in this area doing and thinking up some of the coolest work in her field of interest.

I am going to meditate now for 42 minutes. I did not meditate in the morning. It is late and tomorrow I aim to wake early, no matter how sick I feel.

Today I am skipping my 9 minute meditation. I feel that I have completed it by going to yoga and the thinking-introspection I completed on the way there. I also haven’t installed the diet tracking app I use yet on my phone, but I will log yesterday and today when I get a chance to. I didn’t complete my gratitude meditation today either.

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