Today I got lunch with my friend and didn’t quite realize how much a garden-like salad with 3 dressings would hurt my stomach while running. I’m still technically sick and I don’t think I’ll get better until I go to the doctor. I’ll try to go in tomorrow, otherwise the next time I could go would likely be on Monday.

I ran 3.67 miles today in 29 minutes. I’m hoping to cut this down to 25 minutes or so. While running, my foot fell into a deep muddy puddle. Half of my run takes place along the path cut through a forest as a power line runs through it. With the rain over the past couple of days, the mud has been getting slicker and slicker. I was running by the puddle when my food slipped and went in, soaking my leg and my shoe, along with the shirt that I was holding in my hand.

On the run back it felt interesting having my left foot be heavier than the rest of my body. The shoe, sock, and bottom part of my pants were all soaked.

When I got home I napped for 3 hours. It all started with a 22 minute nap. iOS 11 makes it easy to tap on “repeat” when the timer is up. I repeated it three or four times, and then I just canceled it and decided to rest on my back. When I rest on my back after coming out of sleeping, I often fall asleep but I stay in a half-awake state. Not today, I went into a full-asleep state shortly after beginning to “rest on my back.”

Before running, and after waking up, I wrote down some of my tasks and tried to organize the mess of things I have to get done. After waking up and getting that done, I began to work for 6 hours. Now that I’m done with my work, I am ready for bed.

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