I don’t quite remember the weekend as well as I ought to. In fact, it would seem that I don’t remember it at all.

I think on Saturday, the 11th, I cleaned my room. I may have also gone shopping on that day, or on the Sunday following it.

On Monday I found out that a company that I interviewed for would be moving its office 30 miles further away from me, and it was already 40 minutes away to begin with. I learned that if I’m ever a recruiter, I ought to mention important things like that, and while applying for new jobs I ought to ask if there will be any office moves any time soon.

Then on Tuesday I interviewed for a web development company. It was a brief 20 minute video interview on my computer. I took a nap before this interview, and woke up to get an email from the interviewer asking me if everything was alright and if we were still meeting. I was confused why I got this message, since the time the appointment was set for in my email address showed 12: 45 PM (not 10: 45 AM). It turns out there may have been some hiccup with the timezone that the interviewer had their appointment account set up in, as far as I could tell.

When I woke up to this message I was a bit frustrated with myself, as if it were my fault for not being awake and checking my email second to second, which could have avoided them having no response from me for 11 minutes or so, and I felt like a loser. Fortunately, the interviewer was understanding of the situation. We met an hour later.

Then the next day I went to a public speaking event that the CEO of the web development company was hosting. A sales person from this company waived the $45 fee to attend the event, which I thought was quite nice.

At the end the CEO asked me how I was doing, to which I replied great, how about yourself? He said great as well. Then he asked about me, why I was there or what I do, and I said that I build websites and that I had interviewed at the company a day prior. He said “that’s right! I knew your name was familiar.” This seemed like good news to me. It indicated that the interviewer had mentioned our interview to the CEO. I don’t think they would have done that if I did poorly during the brief meeting.

At the end of the event I also met a chiropractor, and I gifted him some chai since he said he likes chai. I let him know if he likes it and would like to have some in his practice, we could set something like that up. I also met a life coach who I set up a lunch with, for next Wednesday. Then the CEO came over and offered for us to take sandwich bags with food home with us, that hadn’t been eaten. The life coach said he was vegetarian and the CEO apologized for not having had vegetarian options, I said it was alright, which I realized may have not made sense to the CEO since he didn’t know I was vegan. In my mind I’m thinking “this event fee got waived, and I have food at home, it’s more than alright.” It turns out that the catering company had added bacon bits all over to the salad.

During the event the CEO gave out beers to those that got questions correct and participated. He said he doesn’t drink. I thought this was funny, because I’ve experienced times like that in my life where I work with a certain platform or idea that I don’t necessarily use myself. In this case, the giving away of the beers was fun but wasn’t done necessarily because he was a drinker. I asked the CEO if he likes it and he said he does, and that he drinks it, so I gifted him some chai as well and gave him a business card.

The interviewer had said I would hear by Friday or so from them, I haven’t heard anything yet, yet I am hopeful. At the end of the event I also shared a great idea for the company to begin offering a new and appropriate service for their clients. I didn’t do it to stand out. I just figured it would be nice to share this idea with them, since I had learned so much at the event and I wanted to give back in some way.

Also, I forgot to mention that I’ve been running. On Tuesday I ran 4 miles in 32 minutes and a half. On Wednesday I took a bus downtown and ran home 4 or 4.2 miles in 36 minutes. My roommate said he would bring his bike with him to work, on a bus, and then I could jog home with him since I’d mentioned the possibility of him biking and me running sometime. He didn’t bring his bike on that day, so I got an expresso at a coffee shop nearby his work and then I ran home.

Then yesterday I ran 2 miles in 15 minutes and a half. I was surprised that my first lap came in at a minute and 35 seconds. I was shooting for a minute and 20 seconds. I think my total mile time, for the first mile, came in at 7 minutes or so. I was aiming for a sub 6 mile. I feel that not having run recently, running outside in the old, and dealing with the altitude change since I’ve moved is bearing down on my running, as is transitioning to a vegan diet.

Wednesday was the day when my shower messed up I believe. When closing the hot faucet, the shower would continue to leak. After trying to tighten it some more it lost even more grip, resulting in a bigger leak. It was too late to go to the hardware store and get the right parts to fix it, since the internet said it would require two trips. The next day, Thursday, a roommate’s friend came over to have a look. He said he could fix it for $350.

Today, I fixed it myself. All it took was $50 of parts to replace the hot and cold knobs, as well as the “cartridges” underneath them. The fix was a literally 10 minute fix. It boggles the mind that a friend of my roommate’s would give $350 as a quote for helping out a friend. Maybe $50 for parts and $70 for labor would have been more fair.

In the morning, at 11 AM, I also interviewed for a job. The position would require finding gas and electrical lines in the ground using a machine. I applied for it because the thought of working with my hands all day long appeals to me, after having worked in writing, web development, and then a call center for a year. The supervisor and the trainer that I met, at a restaurant, both liked me it seems. The trainer was nice and covered the fries I had ordered before they got there, and when I thanked him for it he replied back that “fries won’t break the bank.”

I got a call later from the supervisor that I have the job, should the drug test come back clean.

So here I am, writing about it. I know other times I’ve written short pieces, but I feel that this may be the shortest piece I’ve written for a span of 6 days such as this one.

I don’t seem to remember much else, in order, however I do have memories of this week.

Last night for example while going to sleep at midnight, I decided to live in the now, meaning that I would let go of thoughts of the past and the future, and just live in the now. The result was quite interesting. It felt like I was spinning in ever new thoughts. I wrote a few of them down, but first turned on the light and found a pen so that it could be possible to write them down. Before I knew it, 2 and a half hours had passed.

I have stayed up before thinking, but I’ve never experienced a stream of thoughts and a stream of consciousness as I did last night. I think it was all inspired by the book called “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living,” which my friend let me borrow.

To be continued…

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