Today I woke up at 4:58 PM, 12 minute before my alarm was set to go off. I had only slept three hours. Last night after meditating for 42 minutes I spent about an hour crunching numbers from a pattern that I discovered in a semi-fictional name of myself that came up in my mind while meditating.

After waking and using the bathroom I decided to move my alarm up to 6 AM, so that I could sleep for another hour. It felt odd going back to sleep a few minutes away from when my original alarm would have gone off though. I rested on my back, then my side, then my stomach, and I couldn’t fall asleep. I got up at 5: 20 AM or so and began to meditate for 21 minutes. Then I went ahead and completed my daily gratitude of 9 minutes, since I want to get back into doing the things I was doing months ago.

Following my meditation I went over to a desk in the house and began to search for apps that can help me keep track of my rhythms and habits. I came across Habitfy and I went ahead and purchased it on my phone for a total of $3.99. I added in a dozen or maybe 13 habits in total, to complete daily. I really like it. I’ve already seen how powerful it can be to get notifications at the time I set for myself to complete certain things, such as writing for example. Which reminds me, I still have to read! That’s something new I added.

Afterwards finishing my meditations I began to do research into what the market is missing right now. I want to craft something neat, yet I was having a hard time identifying a niche to dive into. Then I decided to invest my time into figuring out how to get the word out about ommate’, since it’s the best chai I’ve had and I want to help my friend and it baffles me why so far I’ve been the only customer of it.

I figured to embark on what I was doing about two years ago, when I was meeting new people in Starbucks and speaking with them and writing about the stories they shared with me. I did that a dozen times or so in Portland, Maine, then I wrote a piece for Starbucks to consider empowering their customers who were majorly a writing community, as well as a community of creators. I sent the piece to 50 execs or so at Starbucks and got no response. A few days ago, no longer than a week ago, I realized I have the opportunity to see my vision come to life through my own journalism, sharing of ommate’, and exploration of the new city I’m living in.

At 10:30 AM I showered and got ready to meet with an employer I had applied to. There was another issue with one of the forms I’d filled out. A numeral of the day portion of a date had been crossed out by me, and written again, since I got the wrong day written at first. HR declined the form and wanted it to be filled out again. I was grateful the supervisor was willing to still work with me and get the darn thing submitted right. If anything came out of it, it’s that attention to detail matters, and it’s foreshadowing that I ought to dot my I’s and cross my T’s extra diligently when working in this position as a damage prevention specialist. Better sleep would not be an option, so I’d have to move number crunching and cease mid-night meditations.

By cutting my meditation from a 42 minute block at the end of the day, to two 21 minute blocks as I did in the beginning, I will eliminate the possibility of meditating too late into the night. By getting the habit app I will eliminate the possibility of having to stay up to finish my daily rhythms.

After filling out the form, for the third time if you’re keeping count, I went back home. I drank plenty of water and prepared myself for running a mile. The temperature was a beautiful 74 degrees when I went outside, and I was shooting for a 6 minute mile. I ended up getting a 6:16 minute mile. I feel that the reason behind this is because my breathing technique is not the best it could be. In fact, it was terrible today. At one point I realized I had no idea if I’m a better runner breathing using only my mouth, breathing in my nostrils and exhaling using my mouth, or vice versa. In the past I’ve breathed in using my nostrils and exhaled using my mouth, since it offers the best air control and ensures I don’t end up getting too much. However, since I’m running at a higher elevation I figured to test breathing in using only my mouth.

Experimentation is best for training, not for sprints like today. I ended up running 6 miles today, not consecutively without stopping. After running the mile my right side was hurting. This was a result of only opening the top of my lungs when breathing in, and keeping my abdomen closed. That’s the wrong way of breathing, especially for a runner. I was in pain for a good 10 minutes or so, and then it started to subside.

After running I came home, showered, and ate. I think for breakfast earlier this morning I had spaghetti, and for a snack before running I had a banana. After running 6 miles I was extremely hungry and ate a totally “barbaric” and simple portobello mushroom in a bun, along with another portobello mushroom. My roommate offered me some mustard, which helped my bun taste more like a burger than a compilation of two ingredients. I’m just glad I didn’t eat my hand. I would have gladly eaten it if would make less mess than the portobello mushroom.

I meditated as well for another 21 minutes. My last incense stick had about an inch and a half of incense left, and another one had about 7-8 inches. So I placed one stick in the hole of the incense holder, and another right-up against it. I was fascinated watching both of them burn as I meditated.

After meditation I spoke with my roommates and then I began to write for 42 minutes for my first book. I spent the first 10 minutes or so actually trying to find previous voice memos that I had for the book. I’d spoken about 7 parts of the book months ago, while driving to work on different occasions, and all of those memos were lost. I didn’t realize that they were not backed up on my computer before I restored it the other day, as a way to declutter.

I didn’t feel too sad having lost the memos. I tried to find notes on my phone about what I would have spoken about, and when I found none, I figured it’s alright because if that knowledge was inside of me before, it’s still inside me now and I can access it with time and patience.

Sidenote: I just spoke with my roommate’s friend for at least 30-45 minutes about numerology. It’s surprising that this friend came over today, just a few hours prior my roommate said he would probably be the best person to talk about the numbers I crunched last night, along with the Budding Relationship principle. My roommate didn’t know that this friend was coming over tonight. Low and behold, here he is. I gave the friend one of my incenses, as well as my incense holder since he didn’t have one big enough for the long incense. Afterwards he asked me if it was an extra, I said no, but I would get another.

The friend, which is now a new friend of mine by loose definition, but more over by strict ability to connect over numerology which I haven’t come across before, tried to offer the holder back, saying it’s alright, I didn’t have to give it to him. He said to my roommates that I’m really nice and one of them replied that I am really nice and that’s just me for no reason, which was a nice thing to hear.

I went back to my laptop to finish writing after gifting this person the incense stick, then he came over and we chatted. He turned me on to a numerology report website, which I really liked. I got the number 2 on this site. Last night, while working with my numbers, the last number that I got my sequence to produce was 2. I went to bed not because I was tired, but because I was satisfied with the “hunt of the numbers” and where it had led.

While speaking with this person I also found out that the lunar moon cycle is 27 days, which I had not known. It explains a lot though, in terms of another number sequence I had worked early last year which ended up prophesying a few events in the universe and my life.

It’s now extremely late and I think I may skip reading. I mean, who is to say that speaking with someone who taught me about the meanings of the numbers 1-10, described the term “origin” number when referring to zero, which I understood yet did not know the term of, and turned me on to a various amount of books and knowledge wasn’t the same as reading a book? I’m tempted to check off that I completed book reading today, on the habit app I’m using, but I won’t just because I want to explicitly read at least 45 minutes a day. It would have been possible today had I squeezed it in just right.

So now I’m going to bed and that’s the most important because I need sleep. Running so much after hiking a mountain yesterday, and sleeping so little is wearing me down. I will definitely be avoiding this going forward. I ought to create a habit for myself of getting at least 6 hours of sleep a night, ideally 6 and a half hours.

C-lady has also been speaking with me and honestly the things she’s shared are blowing my mind. It seems her and I are very connected, in ways I can’t even fathom. If I tried to think about it, and applied even a tenth of energy I spent last night on the numbers, figuring out what our connection means, I would end up with no sleep for days. I like sleep, so I will sleep on it and ask for answers in my dreams.

To be continued.


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