Last night I had a hard time falling asleep. I woke up to a text from my roommate, asking me if I can take him to work again. I agreed and said to wake me up in half an hour, to which he responded that he goes to work at 12, meaning that I could sleep in for an hour more. I drove him to work and then after a few minutes of being home and eating, I realized that he forgot his phone at home in the bathroom (it started to ring).

I don’t know who called him but I texted his partner so that they knew he didn’t have his phone. Then I took it to him, which he was grateful for, and I was introduced to his boss who was at his side when I handed him the phone. Then I headed home and ran some errands such as recovering my online banking password, taking care of finances, responding to emails, canceling a 750 Words membership (it turns out writing here and for 750 Words is difficult), amongst other things. I also called the employer that I interviewed for and was told I have a job with, it looks like they’re processing paperwork and I should hear from them by the end of the week.

Then my friend and I cooked dinner: potatoes with brussels sprouts, as well as a side of Orzo. I haven’t had Orzo in a while. In Romanian I believe this is called “orez,” or “orez” may refer to rice in general. I’m not 100% sure.

Last night when I was having a hard time falling asleep I was looking at yoga profiles on Instagram. I saw a pose, which I didn’t know the name of until I Googled it now, called the Crow Pose. I practiced this pose a few times today and was happy with my ability to complete it for a few seconds.

After dinner my friend and I watched TV and ate some apple pie. I’m going to read for a bit and then get some sleep.

To be continued.

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