The Day Prior

On Sunday, throughout Monday morning, I stayed up if I remember correctly, speaking with a friend I hadn’t spoken to in a while that I met on a bus ride from Georgia to Virginia a long time ago. I think I fell asleep around 4:30 AM unfortunately, we talked for 5 hours or more. I watched her knit most of the time, at a speed that was so fast that multiple hats were completed in the process of us speaking: maybe two, maybe three. It was a blur most of the time.

Day 133 – Monday

Monday was quite an interesting day. I woke up late, around noon, and I transcribed the chat I had with someone I met in a coffee house. I’m working on getting these stories published soon, and they’re quite interesting. After I finished writing on Monday I was preparing for having this same person over, for chai. However, my friend’s toilet decided to start flooding her bathroom.

A hose ring had broken, and water was filling the entire floor. I shut off the water for the entire house within 10 seconds of running to the bathroom to see if the flooding sound was indeed flooding. I might have been faster, had I not looked and just trusted my ears.

We dried up the water and had chai with our guest, who shared quite exciting ideas about manifestation, networking, and so forth. He also shared a program that happens locally, which empowers people and helps them prevent drug-use. After chatting I drove him home, since he doesn’t have a car, and I had the pleasure of seeing his music studio. I asked him when or how or why he quit alcohol, and he told me he’d gone to a Thich Nhat Hanh retreat for 10 days. I couldn’t believe my ears. At first, I didn’t know who he said, since I never learned how to pronounce Thich Nhat Hanh.

I pulled up this very site and showed him how I’ve mentioned Thich Nhat Hanh, after he literally landed in my hands when my friend handed me a book on him, and when I came across three of his books a while later.

This encounter marks the third time this author has come up. This means I ought to complete my question of what my life would be like if I read all of his books.

I headed home and figured out what had to happen with the broken toilet. Then I headed to the hardware store and got a new hose. When I came back, I wasn’t able to get a metal connector un-done, so I went back to the hardware store, with 5 minutes to spare, and I got the connector.

The interesting part about these trips is that on the first hardware trip I said to the cashier “I hope you have a great night.” She said “I will, we make it great.” I loved the twinkle in her eye, and her smile. When I came back, I told her how nice it was that she said “we make it great,” and that I will remember this. Then she told me that it’s true. She went on to share how her boyfriend had died on November 13th, how hard it was, yet how she still gives it her best and chooses how she feels. I was blown away, and speechless. I told her I had no idea what that must be like and asked that she accept my condolences. I wrote her name down, remembered she was Hispanic and not from Europe as I’d guessed, and hoped to bring chai to gift to her at some point, maybe even leave it with someone to give to her, with a note and all to brighten her day one day.

I would have forgotten about this, for a much later time, had I not come here to write about it. I’m creating a note on my phone now to ensure that I get the note to her. She’s middle-aged, yet somehow she lets herself not be knocked down. I hope I’ve got that strength as I progress through life, and actually, maybe, I ought to know not to hope, but rather, to make it happen.

On Monday I had a salad that my friend and I made, along with something else. I am unfortunately blanking on the meal from that day.

What was nice about the day prior to Monday, on Sunday, is that a friend of mine that I met during track in high school asked me to let him know how the job goes. I had sent him a photo I had of him and was surprised he cared about the job, or me and how I was doing. Him and I don’t speak often, maybe every few months yet here he is asking about it. I don’t really speak to any previous friends these days, aside from C-lady, that’s pretty much it. Yet here is this “old friend” in my eyes caring about how my life is going.

I asked this friend why he cared about me or my path, and he responded because in a sense “you are a sincerity that is rare among most people our age. It’s refreshing and I feel like I can learn something. And we’re friends.”

That meant the world to me! It was extremely the world to me and more. Words cannot describe it. I thanked him, and let him know how much it meant, since he’s been an inspiration to me and is every day. I was glad that he’s a friend and that it’s not superficial, thanked him for caring, and for being inspirational simply by being a great thinker and achiever.

He responded back with a black handed pray and thumbs up EMOJI, he’s from the East, which caused me to ask myself what color my EMOJIs are. They’re yellow. I never thought to send a white one because I thought it would mean I identify with something, and I don’t want to be attached to my self, yet then, I ask myself why I’ve had that stand-point, without necessarily thinking it through. After all, what I’m learning from zen, yoga, and meditation is that it’s not about killing the self, but rather, living and embodying the self, and letting it grow and express, itself, selflessly. It’s quite a trip life, and I’m glad to be able to think these things over with care and intentionality.

At the end of the night, around midnight, my roommate and I made a run to the grocery store. I bought a jug of water and vegetarian pupusas, on accident. He got vegan dumplings I believe. When we got back home he noticed that my food was vegetarian, so I returned it and got vegan pupusas, which were $.70 more. I thought that it was funny I had to pay a $.70 difference. I typically don’t get frozen or processed vegan food because they tend to make it so expensive, yet this was a necessary purchase since I was missing the last time I had pupusas. At one point when in Virginia I even tried to go to a pupusa place with my friend, but ended up at the wrong spot and never got around to eating them.

So when I got back my roommate and I cooked our food. He had some sauerkraut he shared with me, in addition to his vegan dumplings. I shared a salad with him, raspberry vignette, and sunflower seeds on top of the salad. He was nice and got me a glass of water, after I brought the jug in and talked and talked, and forgot to get water. I thought that was awfully nice of him. While cooking he even cleaned my pan when I busy talking and hadn’t realized he’d cleaned his own and mine.

It was nice having a second dinner with him, in which we combined different dishes together and it all came out perfect. I would love to have that dish once more. He also mentioned going to a buffet place, which sounded great since it’s vegan. I said it would be a while until my first paycheck and he said it would be his treat. What a treat! A nice roommate makes a big difference in one’s life.

Day 134 – Tuesday

On Monday I believe that I heard back from my employer, that I would start on Wednesday. On Tuesday I prepared myself for the first day and made sure I had everything I needed.

Then my friend and I ran errands. We picked up her milk from the farm, went grocery shopping, and cashed a check. When I got home I ate a quick snack, and headed out to the empowerment group the friend from Monday had mentioned to me. There I learned about reishi mushroom and its beneficial properties. I drank some of it with yerba mate, and people went around in a circle sharing what upsets them about the system today. I shared some ideas that I’ve shared in my 21,900 video goal, specifically that we can share our own knowledge by “downloading” it daily like I’ve been inspired to do so by Alan Watts, which many people in that room had also been inspired by, in addition to “creating more than you need,” meaning for example that we may create more words in a book than we will publish, yet what gets thrown out is what helps us refine what stays.

At the empowerment group the leading person had us spread out and move our bodies in whatever way we wanted, and to listen to our bodies. I held an 8-figure pose, leaning on my right side, for what seemed like at least half a minute. I didn’t have time to do the other side, so I figured I’d complete it at home later, before sleeping.

Then we got home and prepared food, a salad with steamed artichokes. My friend made a sauce out of veganese and curry, which was really great with the artichokes. I’d forgotten about this dish, that I had eaten when this friend made it a long time ago when I visited them, before living here, and was happy to rediscover it.

At some point my roommate asked me if he could use some… I yelled “no!” as a joke, then said yes as he continued to say “vegan butter.”

I went to bed early on Tuesday, at around 9: 15 PM or so, while burning incense. I also massaged my back, feet, and legs before going to bed in order to get ready for sleep, then I relaxed and breathed as easily as I could to sleep. I was all the way asleep within an hour, because as paradoxical as it may sound, I felt myself fall into sleep, so I wanted to check the time and see how much real sleep I would get. I was asleep by 10: 50 PM.

Day 135 – Wednesday

I woke up at 5:20 or so today. Then I showered, got dressed, and prepared everything I would need to bring for my first day. Then I brought in a box from the back of my car, that had jackets, and I looked for one that I liked. I couldn’t find one or two, and I wondered if I misplaced them somewhere. I’ve been known to do that. Then after deciding on a certain jacket from my closet, I went on to meditate for 42 minutes. I sang Hare Krishna for a time, and then Baba Nam Kevalam.

The night prior I thought it would take me 50 minutes to get to the place I’m training at, with traffic and all, yet it was only estimated to take 30 minutes. With the extra 20 minutes on my hands, I read the yoga book that I got from the used book shop last week. Then I headed off to work. I was at the apartment where I would start my training 10 minutes early, so I waited for my trainer to get there.

We spent 2 hours basically filling out paperwork. I met the trainer’s coworker’s wife, who lived there and was working. It would appear that the wife is an auditor of locator’s work, as well as a recruiter. She was working while we filled out paperwork. She also had a huge dog that wanted to play tennis, and a cat that was small and fierce like a tiger. It bit my finger (which did not hurt due to its size) and even climbed up my leg and startled me at one point. The house was very nice and the woman’s custom-built computer reminded me of when I had a custom-build computer.

After work I ran errands, and then I went home. While close to home I decided to head to a super market first and try to get a refund for what I thought was an incorrect charge of $29, for 2 jugs of water (I had only gotten one. Then my roommate texted me asking if I wanted to go to the vegan buffet, I agreed, and turned around. When I got home he told me the grocery store has a gas station and asked me if I got gas from them. I did, which saved me an embarrassing trip to the store. It was funny because 2 jugs of water are $29, and so was the amount of gas I got a few days prior.

We went to the vegan buffet which was really great. I was grateful my roommate covered it, and my stomach was full by the end. Then I drove to the grocery store to get some toilet paper which was priced at $6 and came up as $10 on the screen. He put in a phone number and then it came down to $6, which I was also happy for. After getting the paper we came home and I started writing the story of the first person I met last week, while journaling peoples’ stories that I meet.

After the completion of writing another’s story, I began to write this piece.

It’s funny because I thought I needed to meditate tonight, and it’s already late and I have to be at work even earlier tomorrow at 7 AM (instead of 9 AM like today). Then I realized as I finished up writing these past few sentences that I had already meditated in the morning, and had I not written about it, I may have accidentally meditated twice. Which isn’t all that bad after all, but it’s nice to not have to worry about squeezing it in.

I’ll read the employee handbook I was handed today, make any notes or questions that I have, and then relax myself for sleep, dreams, and rest.

To be continued…

Photo by Igor Ovsyannykov on Unsplash

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