I really wish I could remember what my Friday consisted of. I may have come home and meditated on that day and sang Hare Krishna for 50 minutes or so.

I also worked on updating two sites, and then on Saturday I wrote a few articles.

Throughout Saturday and Sunday I worked on creating new packaging for a brand that my friend and I are pouring our hearts into. Then on Sunday I began to address many envelopes that I wanted to send out to friends for the holidays. It was getting late and I had work the next day, so I finished up one more article and then headed to bed. On Monday I had a great time at work and the time passed fairly quickly. When I got home I started to write 20 letters, to go along with the packages I was sending, It took longer than I expected, from around 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM or later.

Today I was extremely tired. I woke up later than I usually do, yet I was fairly organized so it wasn’t too difficult to get ready and be ahead of time. At work I located an entire location by myself, and it took me roughly four and a half hours. There were gas main pipes, service pipes coming off the mains, three-phase electrical lines, and many other things I had to figure out and mark.

Months ago I had this calling to become an architectural engineer. It’s funny to me, remembering this today. I remembered it because my trainer mentioned something regarding “engineering meets,” which is when he’s had to meet with engineers to show them what’s where. I then thought about how the engineers’ projects are affected by the lines that are already underneath the ground, and how they have to account for that. This made me remember my visions of architecture that I had, which inspired me deeply.

Even though I am very tired today and do not have much left over energy, I want to begin finding a rhythm for myself and getting into a groove that will allow me the freedom to learn about architecture. I saw an interesting building that is being constructed right now that I want to go out to, photograph, and draw lines over the photographs with ideas that I’ve had brewing for a long time.

Also, yesterday I bought $100 worth of Bitcoins. The fee was $3, plus the $10 I paid for my friend to get them for me. Bitcoins were worth $19,000 yesterday when I bought them, and now they’re worth $17,000. I set up an alert on my phone to get notified if they go higher than $50,000 or if they drop below $15,000. Otherwise, I’m hoping that I cease to check them for the time being. No point really, it’s not like I’ve got any more money to invest into them should I figure that they’ll go higher, and it’s not like I’ll sell unless is not at least $50,000-100,000.

Sometime today I also sent funds to my mom to gift some clay to my youngest brother, and give the remainder to the older one. I hope my younger brother enjoys clay. I don’t know if he’s played or worked with it before, and I’m curious to know which one it will be. Thinking about these things made me wonder about my own life and what I’ve played with, and what I’ve ended up working with.

It’s funny to me that I grew up playing with my father’s hard-hat (there’s a photo of me wearing it when I was 4-5 years old, with orange overalls). He was an electrician back then. Later on I’d go on to help him with jobs as a teenager. Even though I worked for a year in a call-center, and did well and was promoted after 7 months to a workforce coordinator, it wasn’t my cup of tea. The corporate world of being in a low-tier Human Resources/administrative position caught in-between inner-company politics, especially at my young age, was not something that made me happy in the end of the day. In fact, after all was said and done, I had less of an earning potential in the workforce position because it had virtually no incentives.

So here I am, also remembering how my father got me an Erector set for Christmas one time when I was 6 or so. I loved that set and made as many of the different configurations as I could.

There was motors you could install inside of the metal creations, so you could create working cars, cranes, and even helicopters with spinning blades. So here I am, working in a position that is essentially a pre-requsite for a builder and even an electrician to do their work, finding electrical lines and so forth, wearing hard-hats from time to time in job-sites where it’s a good idea.

I figured clay is a nice thing to play with, or even work with.

I’m extremely tired, I will go meditate for 42 minutes now. It’s funny because the other day, maybe yesterday, my trainer said something along the lines of “you would know about chi, you meditate.” Maybe he said it to me today. I’m not quite sure , but anyways, it’s funny because when he said that I couldn’t remember exactly when the last time I was that I meditated. So I asked myself, would I know? I’ve become more and more of a disbeliever in this past week, for no reason actually. Disbelieving in many things, all the while knowing that everything is possible.

Now that’s a dangerous position to take. I hope to begin shooting videos again, with lessons I’ve learned. Maybe it would be best to transition into videos for lessons, and writing for master plans of my future’s blueprints, and really just put journaling on the back-burner for a while. For example, I wonder how would Jerry Seinfeld’s or Elon Musk’s lives be different if they spent 50% of the time they did on their craft, on documenting their craft? Now I must say, this is a good hobby to have. It’s much better than many other hobbies I could pick from, at least for myself, because it helps me articulate and remember what is going on, right here and now, to me and around me. However, if there happens to be something that I am better at than journaling the day to day of my self, than I ought to get to it.

While writing this piece I was trying to find out if I had referenced something in the past, because I wanted to quote it, so I went to Google and searched for “story of Octavian” along with the phrase I wanted to double-check of myself having mentioned.

I found these excerpts to be interesting:

Very odd indeed. I will meditate and then sleep.

To be continued…

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