On Wednesday I found myself ending my work at a meditation retreat. I had my last locate to complete there. As I drove down the road to the address I had to find, I saw a sign for this retreat and hoped that’s where I was heading. It turns out, I was.

The retreat is just a few minutes away from where I live. I had an interesting conversation with the man there who takes care of all of the grounds’ work and repairs. He offered to give me a “few twenty dollar bills,” when I shared that there was a part of the gas line I could not locate as part of my work. I said I wouldn’t accept it, I was new I said, but I would like to see if I can help out by calling a coworker.

After I found out the best way to help him, I said I won’t accept $20’s but I would accept using a bathroom inside, because otherwise I would have to drive out to find one and probably not be back that day (this would be alright with my job since it was around the end of sunlight and because the work was not due that day). The man let me use their bathroom, and after I came outside of the retreat I asked myself why I can’t accept tips.

I thought back to my first job as an optician, in Maine, when a man followed me to my car after my shift was over and offered me $10, $15, or $20, I forget which, for the reason that I gave him the best service of his life. I declined and he said to keep it, and I declined again and didn’t take the money, asking him instead to tell my manager what he told me.

My manager told me the next day that as long as I don’t ask for tips, I can accept them, and that he has as well.

I’m not a rich person so I thought “why didn’t I accept the $20’s?” At the end of my work the man came to my car on Wednesday, and he gave me a $20. He apologized and said that they didn’t have multiple $20’s, and hoped that would do. It’s funny because prior when I thought why didn’t I accept the twenties, I realized that multiple bills would be too much, just a $20 would have helped.

After my work was done I verified everything and took photos. The man and I spoke about what money is, and how we both used to dislike it. He went for the last two years hating it he said, and now he’s doing his best to let money know that he’s its friend (not in a creepy way he told me). I asked him if he liked chai, and what type, and I ran through the different flavors my friend makes, and he said he’d like to try the Blancha. I let him know I’d drop by sometime in the weekend, and was excited at the conversation and occurrence we had.

It made me think back to how my roommate gave me $3 one night after my friend and I shared a vegan slice of pizza we made. It made me think about how my employer added 7 hours of work to my first week. It made me think to how I got a new Macbook Pro, which is 2 years newer than my previous one, for a difference of $200 because my old one had issues that Apple felt warranted a replacement. Then I thought to how my friend rounded up my crypto-currency investment last week.

I’m not quite sure if it was $20 or $2 or what, after all, I don’t quite think it would have been as high as $20 because my quick math of the price at around the time he got me the currencies, and the amount of coins I got, add up to around the $50 I sent, not necessarily $80. Yet this rounding up of anywhere from $2-10 is still a great gift, as is the kindness of my friend helping me get started with crypto-trading, in today’s day and age.

Oh, the other thing that came to mind was how my car had overheated over half a dozen times when I traveled from the mid-west to the East coast months ago; and how it continued to overheat, at times even after driving it for no more than an hour or two. Then I thought back to my last road-trip, and how I drove it for 13 hours straight and it only started to overheat as I drove up into higher elevation towards the very end of a long trip, with a very heavy and full car. So essentially, the so-called “head gasket failure” a mechanic had quoted me with in the ballpark of $1,400, was all fixed by a mechanic who kindly swapped out a thermostat for me, for no charge, since I had the part.

These past few weeks, and months, have been full of gifts and benefits and gains of all kinds.

Yesterday I went running after work. I jogged 4 miles in 32 minutes, coming in at a pace of 7 minutes 51 seconds per mile. I had to go for a run because the temperature was so beautiful. It was around 40-50 degrees when I got home! Then I showered with cold water at the end. It’s funny because today a friend I’d met at a yoga retreat sent me a link on the benefits of cold showers, which I also took today.

Anyways, let me get back to Wednesday, that is to say, yesterday. Before showering I also weight lifted, with 10 pounds, and completed a few sets of various workouts in the count of 42 repetitions on each hand, non-stop.

I also read my friend’s writing titled “The Christ as a Magic Mushroom.” It was quite interesting! I’m glad to have a writer friend, since I was able to read their work, and they’ve read my own, and we’re fans of each other, and each others’ work.out to

After my jog yesterday I ate soup and bruschetta (bread fried in olive oil). Then I worked on getting caught up on crypto currencies. I created an account to try and get my friend to create one too, on a communication network, so we can type from our computers and not just phones. I also created a project on a task tracker to share some portfolio trackers I found, to consider for using in keeping track of multiple investments, gains, and losses. For now there’s no real good solution, and the one that is somewhat decent costs about $170 a year. I also created a spreadsheet with the amounts and types of crypto currencies I own, my friend that I live with owns (who gave me $100 to invest for them, through my friend who invests in cryptos), along with $50 from my mom who gave it to me to invest.

Today the Salt currency is up to $16, which is marvelous. Sia is still at $0.029. I got some Ripple for my friend and for my mom, which I’m certain will continue to rise, and is a strong currency. Capri is interesting, it’s at $1.20. Based on my investing friend’s speculations, amongst the others in the markets, it may increase as much as 5000% within the coming months. This is the most volatile currency I’ve seen around recently. I am comfortable with how it has hit a trough of $1.20 and speculate that it will rise to at least $1.60 within two weeks, if not then $2.5 within a few months.

Something else I did today was the creation of an exchange account. My friend will send me all of the coins, except Capri and Sia which my exchange doesn’t yet manage. My investor friend has an account that works with Capri and Sia, yet that market has closed off registrations to new users, so I don’t have the same benefit of being able to use it.

Something great that happened today was waking up at 5:10 AM without an alarm, 10 minutes before my alarm was going to go off so that I could speak with my friend in Greece. It turns out that they were about to catch a plane to Lebanon, so we couldn’t speak then. I meditated for 42 minutes, then I napped for 20-30 minutes. I wouldn’t have meditated if they didn’t respond to my message about how I woke up without an alarm as “that means ur mind is awake and ready to be alive :)” How exciting! After napping I felt worse than when I woke up.

Now that it is a good time to sleep, I will go to bed and see if I can wake up naturally tomorrow again. If I can, I will not take a nap.

To be continued…

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