I woke up today after having an interesting dream. It’s funny my friend that’s in Lebanon texted me just as I was looking at our conversation. They were in my lucid dream. I wanted to move to Charlotte, NC with them, and I was living in a house I lived in five years ago in Virginia, and I realized that I was in a dream because I asked myself if I remembered driving back to Virginia from where I live now, and I didn’t. The reason I thought about the drive to Virginia was because I became sad I moved back to the East Coast and missed where I live now, and I wanted to go back, and I didn’t know if Charlotte would be as affordable with a partner, who was the friend who texted me. In this dream we were together it seemed, since I was thinking where we would move and live.

I told them about this dream, we also had somewhat of an interesting banter about the body and the mind, freedom, and disillusionment. I sent them a video that the Swami who created the Hare Krishna movement spoke. I was of the position that we ought to enjoy this body while we have it because if we were meant to dissolve into nothing, i.e. everything, we wouldn’t have given ourselves a body when in the God state, therefore desiring the loss of the body and the loss of the “I” while here is quite against the point, since we decided to create that I and to express ourselves through it. Of course these interpretations are all for grabs and people including my friend can believe whatever they want, but I am of the Swami’s opinion that we are given bodies so that we may use them. I believe that in life we can use, lose, or abuse things. We can abuse our bodies with the wrong foods or thoughts, and eventually we can lose them as a result. Likewise if we spend our lives abusing our minds by feeling stressed by having an identity, we will lose the body or get close to losing it, and then we will ask ourselves “why did I not use my body while it was still in great shape?”

I went outside into a wood shed from about 10:30 AM to 4:20 PM and I recorded myself speaking an entire book of 42 lessons I learned in 21 years of living. The outdoor cat came to and jumped on my lap and I pet him most of the time I spoke, as I drank chai and burned incense. While dictating this book forward, I became excited to see it in print, I also heard a word I spoke in the voice memos I was listening to that listed the lessons I learned, which I recorded last week, and which I delved deeper into during today’s dictation. This word rang out to me and I knew it was a name, the name of my first child. I spoke it in Romanian and I was mesmerized by it, knowing that this pronunciation, with the meaning of the word in English was what their name would be.

Halfway through dictating I came inside the house and ate rice from last night, heated up with vegan butter on it, then I went back outside and continued. When I was done I shared the name with my friend, and the beautiful pronunciation it had in Romanian, as well as the meaning it had in Italian and Romanian, as well as the interesting way it was also an anagram of another interesting name connected to myself and my family. My friend got goose-bumps when I shared this, and it was my first time seeing the meanings online as I read them out, and I got goose-bumps and tears. I joked that I don’t have much figured out but I’ve got the name of my first child figured out.

Afterwards I figured out what to make for dinner with my friend, but we changed plans and ended up making a different dinner and ate with our roommate, and I didn’t end up really helping somehow. I got distracted by myself and started writing about my day yesterday, and then before you know it dinner was ready and I spoke with my friend and my roommate, and then after I cleaned the dishes my friend and I continued to speak.

Now I am tired and would like to get some sleep, yet I do remember that I forgot to mention that after finishing the dictation of my book, and speaking with my friend when I came inside, I went for a run. As I warmed up, I looked at the temperature, which was 21 fahrenheit. My hands started to freeze and I put them in my pockets and jogged to my starting point. At the starting point I put on Pandora relaxing music and stretched a bit and began to hyperventilate to oxygenate my lungs. I was aiming for a sub-6 minute mile but with my hands freezing I ended up running .95 of a mile in 6 minutes 11 seconds. The reason I ran less was because I turned around early and forgot that I had to run further past my usual finish point to complete a full mile. As a result, my mile time was really around 6 minutes 30 seconds, that’s what my pace was.

After finishing running my hands were ice-blocks and I placed them in my armpits, and there was pain coming out of my joints. I figured I ought to take better care of my body. For example, I could have brought gloves. Also I considered running on a trail but then decided against it since I haven’t timed myself on a trial before and I didn’t know if it would impact my time. However, I know that running on asphalt is bad for my back, which impacts it, in every sense of the word. So from here on out I really shouldn’t embark on running, especially in the cold or on asphalt, unless if I’m prepared to do it the right way, with the right preparation and protection.

I also published “26 Minutes of Hare Krishna on Christmas Day.”

To be continued…

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