Today I went to work from 7AM to 4:30 PM. When I got home I drove to a running trail and ran a mile in 7 minutes 5 seconds. Then I ran back a slightly different way in 9 minutes and 20 seconds,

My left calf is a little tight from running, or maybe from working, who knows. I showered then started cooking for my friend and I. Unfortunately, they’ve been sick since the end of the weekend now. I hope they get better.

In other news, Capricoin has been doing well. It pushed $1.62 today. My other friend and I are looking forward to the upcoming 24-48 hours to see how it fares.

Today I thought about what it takes to build myself and a vision, and how much imagination and determination goes into it. I can feel the days counting by. Day 3 of 365 of 2018. What comes next? Will the value of Octavian go up or down as time goes on, in terms of spiritual value, physical capability value, wealth value, creative value, health value, emotional value, community value, and so forth… Time will tell, or will I tell? I will tell with time.

For the rest of the night I want to clean my room and squeeze some meditation, yoga, or reading in. Going forward I want to structure my days down to the smallest minute and minutest details, to gain the freedom of not having to decide what next? This is the time to be great, this is the time for the mundane yet necessary, this is the time to relax, this is the time to rest. I used to have it all figured out like that before, but schedules and times and locations change, and things that worked before no longer do.

I’ll see what’ll work for Octavian.

To be continued…

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