Today I woke up at 5:30 AM since I had to be at a meeting at 7 AM. I read a yoga/awakening book for about ten minutes, maybe fifteen, prior to leaving home. Work was alright, and then I got home and showered. I was getting ready to head out to shop for my friend who is still sick but getting better when I got an email I from someone I work for from time to time.

They wanted something updated, and in the process, I helped them troubleshoot their issue that needed the update. I was going to not charge for it, but I did remember that I needed money since I was short until my next paycheck due to a small unplanned reason. I asked this person if I could borrow XYZ, and give them XYZ+10% back in 8 days when I get paid. I offered the interest so I didn’t have to apologize or feel bad for asking for a loan.

They said they’d send me that amount and that I could keep it, and that I’ve helped them out as it is with many times. I was extremely grateful and happy, and I let them know i”ll be happy to offer additional help whenever its needed.

It’s nice that all worked out, while I was shopping. That whole process took two hours, shopping for my friend whilst troubleshooting this person’s issue over email. By the time I left the store I was sent the amount I had meant to borrow and I used it to buy toilet paper. Looks like a potentially poopy day turned into a bright and shining one, all through the kindness of another. I intend to give back to this person, with even more interest in terms of helping them further. It’s not really an option at this point, they made a difference in my week and I’m going to make a difference in their year.

Now that I have written, I am ready for bed. I wanted to read a bit more, maybe burn some incense, but at times like this where I desire to complete yoga, reading, or meditation, I am exhausted and I don’t get around to much of it.

To be continued…


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