Yesterday I went to work and was extremely exhausted when I got home. I tried to read a bit of my book on yoga but could not focus, and ended up in a half-awake state on the couch for about half an hour. Then my roommate’s dog licked my hand and I woke up, and then I fell back asleep and my roommate’s friends came over and were happy and laughing in the other room, so I moved to my room and went to sleep: for 13 hours.

I wish I could have been laughing and happy too, but it’s hard to be doing that when you can barely keep your eyes open.

After 13 hours of sleep I was renewed.

Day 165 – Saturday

Today I went out to take photos of buildings again, as I’m building up to write about my the new type of architecture that I’m envisioning. On my second shoot I did a little parkour, running up onto an electrical pedestal and then running up onto a taller transformer, and then continuing on to run among more transformers. I was extremely inspired by an Instagram account I follow of a local parkour gym.

When running onto the transformers I took a quick video on my camera and was surprised how exciting it was to complete the parkour run, and how exciting it was too watch it, regardless of how simple it was. I was inspired to continue further with doing this. Then I went back to my car, and the battery was dead. I raised my hand as a car drove by and a woman named Eve stopped. I asked her if she could give me a jump and she said she didn’t have jumper cables. I let her know I did.

She pulled around, popped up her hood, and was really nice. Nicer than me actually. She extended her hand out and asked me what my name was, and she said she hopes I know what I’m doing. I did, but since we were talking I forgot to place the plastic protective cap over her positive lead before I reached to close the hood. She closed it and I apologized. I think I’ve done that with another car before, I always forget to flip that little thing. On my way driving to the grocery store I realized I should take better care of my belongings because the habit of ignorance becomes a habit of ignorance of others’ belongings as well. Not that it’s all that bad, considering this is all an illusion, but I think it’s a matter of style. If I stop to let you use my car to jump your car, you better as well make sure that your inconsistency to not have a good battery does not lead to my batteries leads and causes them to corrode faster.

I went shopping and the person at the register was real nice. He asked me if I had a bike and I said no, and that I was planning to get one. He let me know to a hybrid, so that the tires are not for city and not for trails, but rather, in-between.

I almost forgot that before I went to the grocery store, while I was driving around in a long circle to make sure my battery charged up, I saw a woman on a wheelchair using her feet to pull the wheelchair across the street, and then to turn it, so that she could kick her way up a ramp. By the time I got my battery charged, and walked into the store, the woman was just entering the store she’d been on the way to, which was 100 feet away when I saw her. I don’t know if she spent all that time working her way up the incline and then resting, or if she stopped somewhere else, but it really spoke to me.

Before I finished my circle of driving back and seeing the woman, I saw another woman. She was on the side of the street with a sign, and she gave me an extremely sad look, like please help me, I need help. The sign said that she is looking for work. I was at a right-hand-red-turn and I looked through everything I had. One penny. That’s not enough, I’ve given people nickels or dimes before, but never a penny. I pulled open the compartment in the passenger seat and I found a one-time-sort-of-use poncho that I put in there a long time ago. I gave her poncho, and then I apologized and said this is all I have, and gave her the penny, maybe the order was in reverse. She responded that I was cute, and she had no teeth, which made me think of my grandmother.

So then I went back to the store, thinking hard and long about how easy it may be for me from here on out to manifest good wealth and good health, but really, what does all of that mean when there are people on the streets without teeth looking for work? I don’t know what it means.

I accidentally bought Vegenaise and regular mayo today. Not sure how that happened. I still have the receipt and I’ll return the mayo eventually. After coming home I ate a sandwich, and then I helped vacuum my friend’s room who is still a bit sick but getting better, since there was a lot of cat hair accumulating in the air. The next thing I did was write an outline for a piece titled “5 Evil Ways Money is Enslaving Yourself — and Your Entire Bloodline.” It’ll be posted really soon on

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After writing the outline I went for a run. Well, before I started running I tried to front flip using my hands to land on the ground and I ended up falling on the middle of my bent spine, which shot stars across my vision. Then, with that nice little back warm-up, I went for a run. It was warm outside, 53 degrees, so it was nice enough to go out in a tank-top. My mile, on a trail, came in at 6 minutes and 34 seconds. This is slower than what I’m used to but I’m vegan, and tired, and it’s my first time running on a trail instead of a flat street. These are possibly excuses, but my back is able to withstand the running better, so in the end of the day I’m getting a better run even though it’s not even close to my personal record of 5:32 for a mile which I ran in 2017.

When the mile running was complete, I walked all the way home, while thinking and thinking. Then I got home and started writing the rest of my article, which took around 5 hours in total to write, review, have edited by my friend, and to edit multiple times. In the end, I am extremely happy with the outcome. I will read it once more and have it ready to be published tomorrow.

Towards the end of writing the article, before my friend reviewed it, I ate dinner with my friend. They told me that I am the first serious writer they’ve ever met. That is to say, they’ve met people who dabble in writing, yet I am the first one that writing is something that’s important to.

Well that’s a nice compliment, knowing that I am the first writer my friend has come across. That means a lot, since on most days the idea of identifying as a writer is far from my mind.

To be continued…

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