A week or two ago I was in my car, working, when an extremely old lady scared me. I was on my phone, waiting for my trainer to start driving (who was in front of me), when she appeared out of nowhere. My window was open and her face felt like a foot away from mine. I forget what she asked, all I remember is that I heard something and looked up to have half of my view covered by her.

She looked kind of like this:

I was really weirded out and uncomfortable in her presence. She asked me what we were working on and I told her that the neighbor was cutting down a tree stump, nothing at all, we’re just making sure it’s clear of electrical and gas lines. Then she told me she lived there for decades, which made me a little said. She was as tattered as the trailer park she told me she lived in. There were holes in her jacket and her hat. She had no teeth.

Well low and behold, yesterday, who did I meet again? Her! I had forgotten a box of dryer sheets that I needed to get an identical box of, for my friend back at home who was still a bit sick. I had just gotten a refund for Canola Oil Mayonaise that I returned to the grocery store, after having had my car battery replaced.

The guy helping me put a new lead on my car battery’s terminal kept apologizing for it taking long, I sarcastically mimed caring about him taking longer, considering he was helping me out a great deal.. The old lead broke when he tried to pry it off my acidic battery. So I told him all I had planned was returning some Mayonaise, and that the longer he takes the longer the Mayonaise will get warm for the next person. He thought it was the weirdest thing he’d heard someone out doing.

What can I say? I accidentally bought a Vegan jar of Mayo and a non-Vegan jar on my same trip to the store. So if I was still thinking in my old ways, I would be upset at myself for getting the wrong mayo. My friend didn’t want it since they said that Canola oil isn’t good, and I didn’t feel like giving it to my roommates when I could just as well return it, get $6.49 back and then get a big back of hummus chips. So there I was, on my journey of returning Mayonaise, having forgotten the dryer sheet box in my car, and I wasn’t getting frustrated with any of it.

On my way out from the store, after returning the mayo, I saw a woman walking and she looked familiar. As I went to my car to get the dryer sheet box I saw an identical car to mine, in a blue color, with a bike rack on the back. I thought about getting a bike rack for my car and taking it out where ever I want, and biking around the country.

Then I headed back towards the store. The old woman was just finished looking through a trash can. I asked her if she wanted the one dollar and change I had in my hand (my five was in my pocket, waiting to go towards the hummus). I mumbled that she’d seen me the other day, in a car. She said “yes, you’re cute!” Then she asked me if I had any use for what she had in her hand. You won’t believe what she had in her hand. A water bottle holder for a bike, that holds two water bottles.

That lady is really nice. Her name is Tiffany. She too reminds me of my grandmother, like the woman I gave a one-time-sort-of-use poncho the day before. I don’t know why I keep seeing older women everywhere. Tiffany, the lady I gave a poncho to, and the lady on the wheelchair pulling herself forward by walking her feet using her calves along the ground…

Well let me tell you something else that was nifty, before getting to the store I sent my friend a certain amount of money to invest for me into crypto-currencies. I could barely believe what happened as I looked up from my phone, at the intersection I was at with a red light when I sent him the money… I looked up and that same exact number I had sent him was on the license plate of the car ahead of me.

Then at home I wrote three pages of visions and dreams, one for my business, one for my friend’s business, and one for myself. Well what came next was hilarious in the sense that I came across a website with knowledge that was directly connected to my visions.

Furthermore, a week or two ago, I made a joke to my roommate, and my friend, who were both in the room when they joked that I looked like Krishna (I was dressed in all blue). I blushed because this came up in regards’ to me playing the flute, which Krishna also played. I blushed because I knew next that they would say I looked blue too, and that’s what happened. So a few days after that I changed my name to Krishna on Facebook which was fitting because weeks before this I had realized I was Krishna.

So a week or two ago, when they said I looked like Krishna, who attracted cow girls with his flute, “wouldn’t it be funny if I attracted vegan cow girls? I would love some Ahimsa milk.” My roommate said that they would have to be vegetarian, I said no… Then I realized what they meant. A vegan can’t also be a cowgirl, that would make no sense. Well it made sense to me. I said “a vegan Ahimsa cowgirl,” meaning someone who does not eat animal products but will drink or eat Ahimsa milk. I think this thought tangent sprung from the question I had had, of whether I would attract cowgirls if I played my flute in the city square, and whether I could attract someone with the most minute of details.

Well low and behold, I think yesterday or the day before, when I woke up and checked my email because one of my friends sent me an outline of investing topics that they want to create teaching resources for, I got an email that I had a top new perfect match on Meet Mindful, a website I’d signed up to out of curiosity whether it had fake or real profiles on it, a month or a month and a half ago.

I saw a person who does yoga, who I then reached out to on Facebook. They said what I said was beautifully stated. I laughed and giggled and my blood warmed up and I told them this, which in hindsight may have not been the best idea. Well, later on Facebook started showing me posts from them on my homepage, which is happening since I got a new laptop and I hadn’t installed News Feed Eradicator on it yet which makes my feed look like this:

I took another look at this person’s profile and some portion of it said Ahsima yoga.


How is that possible?

At some point yesterday I also logged into my old Twitter and realized that I had a follow request someone who’d read my work before and motivated me to keep running and writing, incidentally through awakening me up to the fact that they read my work:

“I don’t know if I’ve written about this certain idea that I am about to share just now. I checked the note covering the time I would have most likely written about it, and my quick glances came up short. One time I met a friend at a hookah lounge, and their own friend who lived 2 hours South of me mentioned that they like to read my site and keep up with my mile time. I was dumb-founded. I thought only a handful of recurring people read my work.

A few weeks ago, when I was in Richmond, where this person who read my work lives, I saw them. When I did, they told me that they read about the day that I met my friends at the hookah lounge, and found out that one of them reads my work. So effectively, I heard this person say that “I read about the time I shared with you that I read your work.”

That was such an “inception” sort of feeling. I pondered on this reading of reading of reading concept some more. If someone in my world, i.e. reality, inspires me so greatly that I write about them, and then my writing is inspiring to them and they read it, then they will be inspired and any actions which they take that inspire me would be in part, inspired, by me.

Isn’t that interesting? That is to say, if this friend who has been reading my work is inspired to become a chef, and I see that the result of my writing was them becoming inspired to be a chef (because of the few, i.e. one dozen, meals I wrote about and took photos of that I created), then the result would be inspiration of the self to manifest whatever it is that I would dream of, knowing that I have all the inspiration I need.

It seems like just asking the question of if, is enough to give the results as if that if has already come.”

Day 118 through Day 120 – Fogginess

I thanked them for bringing me up when I was down, and they responded yesterday saying:

“Aw dude 😭 I’m glad you write such great pieces every day and bring such wonderful insight and perspective on things! you’ve taught me a lot keep being yourself Octavian ”

That was heart warming!

I tried to fall asleep last night but a bug bit my right thigh four times, in the opposite side from where my left thigh had been bitten just the night before. My roommate and my friend couldn’t figure out what type of a bite it was, so I went to sleep on the couch instead.

Then my day continued on with more kind words regarding my writings, and more odd coincidences.

Carry on, carry on.

To be continued…

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