Today I woke up at around 4:10 AM through 4:20 AM without an alarm. I had only gotten about five and a half hours of sleep. I think my body is used to getting that little during work weeks, so it was worried my alarm had not gone off. I also wanted to double check on a job I completed from Friday, due to inner paranoia about being a new guy and about the job being quite important, finding electrical and gas lines that is to avoid people digging into them and either getting their machinery welded shut by the electrical current or exploded by gas. It’s one of those jobs where you mess up once and the last worry you’re going to have is losing your job, and the first one is that you were the cause someone got hurt.

So I wanted to wake up at around 5:30 AM and go out and check up on what I had completed Friday, but instead I woke up at 4:20 AM.

I read a nice message from my friend, who I had sent a video of me playing the flute to, and recently an article I wrote:

“Thank you so much for sharing this! Also, I actually heard about the origin of Christmas from being from that mushroom too. I wanted to do some more research on it because I found it really interesting. And I’m so happy that you’re continuing your passion for the flute ❤️ The deep breathing exercises are such a plus too!”

You typed “a” twice 😂 I’m being your little editor haha

“What comes to mind about today’s culture is that we no longer buy things because we need them.”

This really struck a chord in me.

I really enjoyed reading your article! You go above and beyond to help your audience and share life-benefitting truths. It’s evident that you’re really acting out of love and I LOVE that ☺️ you go on tangents in other topics other than money, but I think it’s just because everything is interconnected, especially to a topic like money.

Your article motivates me to be more minimalistic. It’s something I needed to do for myself for a while now and something that benefits the world too.

Wow! How lovely is that to get in the morning? I sat up in the couch I was sleeping in and meditated for 21 minutes. Then I dozed back to sleep, as the alarm went off once every ten minutes for what felt like eternity.

Thinking back to my friend’s message, I wonder if I ever discontinued my passion for the flute. How did they know that I went from playing it at least ten minutes a day to playing it once every week or two? How did they know that I have been practicing breathing just in the past two days, after reading about the breath in the yoga book I have?

It’s nice to hear that I am acting out of love. I’ve said that before of others but I think it’s the first time I have heard it said of me. Actually, wait no, now that i think about it my other friend may have mentioned that I am always acting out of love and peace. Well maybe another one said that too. I must say that I am flattered, it’s nice not remembering these things and then making an effort to like I did just now and realizing that it may be the norm.

It’s like I recently heard my friend say that I am the first serious writer they met. That was flattering because they’ve met a lot of people and I didn’t think of myself as a writer, and I don’t think of myself as acting out of love on most days, although I do my best to, and now I realize others think of me as doing so. Then of course the challenge is understanding what is real, the external or the internal, because both can be quite elusive at times.

Anyways, I digress. The very fact that I inspired someone to be more minimalistic, who also happens to be the same person I may have inspired to start a public blog instead of keeping it private like the one that they shared with me, is very nice.

Today I went into a thrift store to use the bathroom, while working, and when I came out I saw a few desks. I looked for prices on them and then said to myself “you don’t need a desk! You don’t want to put anything else in your room, keep looking.” Then I found a huge whiteboard, which is designed like an Easel as I found out when I got home. Well the hilarious thing about all of this is that last night I wrote down the visions and dreams for myself, and I thought about how I used to whiteboard daily. Then here I am, seeing a whiteboard for sale for just $10, even though it could easily cost $250-300 in a store for such a model.

I bought the whiteboard without thinking twice about it. Then I thought about how I want to write on it for videos that I shoot, then I said “man! I need my own whiteboard because I’ll have to erase this big one before writing ideas on it and shooting it.” The big one happens to be around three by four feet, or maybe three and a half feet by four and a half feet. It’s huge! Well, guess what?

When I got home I told my friend about what had happened, and they said that they had put a small whiteboard they found on the desk I use in the den, along with Dry Erase markers. So essentially, today was whiteboard day. My friend put the whiteboard on the desk, and I bought a whiteboard, and all the while they thought that I won’t need the small one now that i have a big one, yet I knew that it was all perfect and that it was the universe’s way of saying you want a whiteboard? Here. You want it your way, with the big one for video lesson shooting, and the small one for yourself? Here, you, go, sir.

So what this all proves to me is that some of the information I was reading yesterday about how we see coincidences when we focus on them, because there’s millions of bits of information coming in yet we only remember 7 minus two or plus two, is simply incorrect:

Basically, it all comes down to how your mind works. Its often quoted that we receive 2 million bits of information each second, but we are really only aware of 7 bits plus or minus 2 bits. This is because your subconscious is very efficient at filtering all that extra information out and only delivering into your conscious attention what you need.

And what is that you need?

That’s right … it’s what you are mainly focused on!

How to Focus Using the Conscious Mind

My mind today did not “focus” on a whiteboard and see the confidence of whiteboards in the world. It manifested one whiteboard, and my other friend who knows me, manifested the other. Just like the time that I meditated on the heart and then the next day, the curtains in the den were pulled, which are red, which made the whole room feel like it was a heart, in the same way I had expanded one heart cell to encompass my entire being. I thought I wrote about this coincidence in this piece, yet upon checking it, amongst others, it seems I forgot to write about that detail on accident.

And that’s truly where it gets interesting. Most people remember 7 bits of information per day, minus or plus two? I remember much more, because I write it down in, and I can access it at any time. Sure, there are things that are missing, and as a result they will become missing from my memory eventually, but when it is written down I can quickly reference myself and my experiences, therefore cementing what I experience day after day.

I think I may have written about this before, and if I haven’t, I have shared this phenomena with others. By writing I become more intentional. I do not write about doing something silly and un-evolved so throughout the day I am pushed by my audience, which is mostly always my future self, to think and act in a higher manner. This means that if I were 40 years old and I read what I wrote today, I would more or less want the maturity and focus and understanding to be as advanced today as it would be when I am 40.

I believe this sort of feeling, which started off not intentionally, has been causing me to grow at warp speeds.

To be continued…

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