Today’s been a tiring day. After work I came home, showered, cooked dinner with my friend, and then prepared two packages of tea to go out to two people. One of which happens to be the person who helped me out when my car got towed to their family’s towing shop, many years ago: around 3 now if I’m not mistaken.

They’d added me on Facebook and I finally accepted it the other day, and messaged them asking how I know them, when they told me this. I wrote them an interesting letter and prepared a package to be sent to them, which my friend will kindly ship for me tomorrow since I’ll be at work.

Aside from that, the friend who’d read my article and complimented me on it had warm words once again. Today they said:

“And after reading that article, I’m trying to be a lot more conservative and minimalistic. It’s such a great way of living. It makes me feel even more grateful for the things I have.”

Well isn’t that nice? It’s not easy to sit down and focus on writing pieces like that, which take at least 4-5 hours, when I could do so many other things. Seeing the positive impact of my work makes it easier however.

I am off to sleep, dreaming of a way of finding time for reading and meditating and yoga every day, as I desire to make it happen.

To be continued…

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