You know these days I don’t meditate daily. I wonder how I can go from extreme discipline to none. I want the freedom that comes from routine again, so much, but maybe I’m afraid to commit. Why is that? I doubt in a few years from now I’ll be kicking myself for being too “rigid,” I feel that a good rhythm today creates a good outcome tomorrow.

Today I worked, like usual, and I had a certain job that was a bit harder than others. It took me an extremely long time to complete. I was there for 4 hours! You know, there’s something about figuring out what’s under the surface, and working in a position where failure is not acceptable that I really enjoy. When I’m home and not having to worry about finding electrical and gas lines, accurately so that people don’t dig into them, I can enjoy how laid back and easy life can be.

After work today I showered and shot a quick video presentation of a promotional plan I’m proposing to someone who sells a water bottle holder; which is interesting considering the fact that I was given one over the weekend by that woman I met again at the grocery store, who offered it to me after I offered her some of my change.

I also read a bit about how Kodak launched their own cryptocurrency, which is insane to me because I had an idea about a company doing this a while back and never got around to writing it down, which I hope to make time for this weekend. I also read about how a certain group holds two billion dollars of Apple stock and is pushing them to create enforcements that will fight phone addiction in children and teens. It’s interesting to me, seeing the world becoming intentional, at a time that I just recently published a piece about how money has the potential to enslave us.

After having dinner and cleaning, I’m pretty spent. I feel like there were a few things I was going to get done, but how could day at this time and with this energy? I will go to sleep now and dream about my dreams, and the weekend that is.

To be continued…

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