This morning I met with my investor friend to discuss building a site for him. I shared as much knowledge as I could as to why hosting a crypto-currency course on his own site would not be to his advantage now, when he can get himself a profile on course-selling sites and share them there instead. I also went through what it takes to build a marketing list and convert people into customers and so forth. We had a great discussion and in the time we spoke Capri went up from being worth $2.03 to being worth $2.4. I bought it at around $1.5 if I remember correctly, and I put $150 into it. I also got some for my friend and for my mom.

In the end of the day the coin ended at around $2.03, which is basically 33%, which is wonderful and all. Now only if my other two last investments would rise back up 25%, so that I’m at a net profit of 0% on them, and then if only they would rise up another 30-100% that would be great.

The crypto-currency represented by ETH went up from around $1,000 to $1,400 in the past week, which makes me happy considering that I wanted to get some for my friend and for myself as soon as possible after speculating it would triple within 5 years, as its founder had speculated it would triple within 2018. Then Tesla, which I speculated would rise $50 within 5 years, on December 4th or 6th or so, is up $33 over its value of when I made that speculation. At its peak, about a week and a half later after making that speculation, it was $36 above the value of when I said that. Tesla and ETH are currencies I want to purchase both for myself and for my friend, and hold onto them for a long time.

Additionally, I built a new site today. This is what the old one I created over two years ago on a budget payment and desire to be quick looked like.

This is what the new one looks like:

It looks nice for a day’s of work. Additionally I’ve worked on scheduling posts to go out for ommate’, and got some great feedback today along with likes and followers to the Instagram content I posted. Furthermore, I created a new logo for the water bottle holder and I created a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter account for it.

Looks pretty sweet doesn’t it? I was mindful of picking a color scheme that is consistent with water, so that everything just… flows.

I’m happy with my day’s of work and I’m ready to rest now, it’s quite late and I should be tired: even though I slept thirteen hours last night. In fact, I woke up at 5:10 AM or 5:20 AM and meditated for 42 minutes after chanting Hare Krishna. Yesterday I also meditated for 42 minutes before sleep, however, I do not remember when the meditating became sleep because I don’t remember hearing my 42 minute alarm at all.

This reminds me that there’s been so many other meditations I’ve forgotten to include in my writings, and I wonder why because 42 minutes of one day, even 21 minutes of sitting, is quite memorable and ought to be included since things that occur in even less of a time often are in my writings.

To be continued…

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