Today I went to work, in a car that was more of a sled than a vehicle. I kept getting messages from my coworkers, on the group chat, about how they counted over a dozen crashed cars on highways, and how one even flipped over on its side right next to them. With everything being frozen, and snowed, and snowing, it was a slow day, in a decent way. My batteries kept freezing, which meant I could warm up as they warmed up in my car.

I went home two hours early, and it worked out perfectly, because I’d been invited to attend four webinars starting today at 5 PM my time, every Monday. This webinar is $200 otherwise. The meditation teacher from my meditation group in Virginia waived the fee for me. I was surprised when he thanked people for joining he said my name, and no one else’s. At first I questioned if I was the only one on there, but a few times there were polls to the viewers and the poll results were like 82% and 18 %, which I don’t think you can get with less than half a dozen viewers.

Before I started watching the Tantra video I meditated, by chanting Hare Krishna for 26 minutes and then sitting, and eventually lying on my back, for the remainder of my 42 minute meditation. After my timer went off I turned it back on for 20 minutes, took a nap, and then got up to put Butternut Squash in the oven so that it would cook for an hour and a half.

I watched the Tantra webinar, in which one idea stood out to me of how a driver is more important than a car, and without the driver, the car just sits there. This is a great analogy for the mind and the body, and how we must take great care of the mind so that it may drive the body.

When the video was done my clothes were done washing but I forgot to switch them into the dryer, which I did later in the night. As the food was preparing I fixed one site, which had an Instagram feed that was no longer working, and then I worked on marketing a product. I will be marketing this product daily so instead of going through writing about it I’ll just mention that I worked, just like today. I worked, then I watched a video on Tantra, then I worked, and worked.

Now that i’m done it’s 8:33 PM which is extremely early for me to be finished with my day’s errands and has never happened before in the past week or two, as far as I can remember, so I will go to it and see that I enjoy this hour and a half of freedom before I must rest.

Fun fact: I wrote this post in 8 minutes. That means I composed at a pace of 58 words per minute.

What qualifies as a good typing speed depends on the population you’re examining: the general population or professionals. The average person types between 38 and 40 words per minute — between 190 and 200 characters per minute. However, professional typists type a lot faster on average — upwards of 65 to 75 WPM.

I may have mentioned before how quickly I can type, and it never ceases to amaze me how much of a blessing it is to be able to compose at a pace that is at times twice as fast as the average “typing,” i.e. rewriting, speed.

To be continued…

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