It was extremely cold in the morning, I’m talking 1 F cold. As a result things were slow. My batteries were freezing, my toes were freezing, the ground was frozen and I could’t get a ground rod in, it was crazy cold to say the least. At some point in the morning a lady knocked on my window and thanked me for not hitting her car with my door. I told her “oh, yeah, I’m not an a-hole.” Then she said “no, I’m not saying you are,” and went on to thank me again. She told me why she was so close, and I said it’s fine even if I had half the space I would have made it work.

She was so close because she was trying to make sure there was another spot available next to her, should someone come. The parking lot had no lines on it, so I didn’t think into it as much as she did. There was still space in the driveway for cars to park if it got full all the way.

After work I came home and was ready to go shopping but my friend was kind enough to remind me that’s not necessary right away, and she’d already come up with a plan for dinner. So I showered and shared with her the kind words someone had said regarding our chai, on a social network, and other ideas I had. Then we got started on making dinner, and afterwards I worked further on the computer. While dinner was cooking I think I researched crypto-currencies and tried to figure out what is going on with the bulk of them having lost value, possibly due to them being banned in an Asian country soon, or something of that nature.

Throughout the night I also spoke with my friend who is visiting from Virginia in two weeks. They sent me a PDF of their yoga project, for Seva, which they wrote, and I read a fifth of. I didn’t continue to read the rest of it because I was enjoying it and figured I’d want to savor it.

Oh, I almost forgot. When I got home I saw this envelope on the table, standing up on its side, and it caught me eye as I spoke with my friend. I asked her what she was sending and she said it was for me, and I knew who it was from before I walked over to it. My friend who I’d sent chai to sent a very nice note. I was impressed with it. I didn’t really fathom that people out there are inspired by my words and actions, and strength, as the note indicated, or maybe I did but I didn’t remember it, or choose to believe it.

This friend who wrote and sent the note has no reason to lie to me, as far as I know. There’s no benefit in it for them to toot my horn, so I guess their words must be genuine, which is a lot to experience considering the positivity of them.

Then when I was on the computer, I saw a message from the woman who I’d sent some chai to as well, a woman who had been at the shop of where I had one of my cars towed to one time. She said:

I got your tea! And letter…Octavian thank you so much for sharing that with me and for the letter in general. It’s means so much to ME! I’m truly blessed to have crossed paths with you. I know you aren’t Catholic or believe in one God, but for me circumstances like this make me think of a lyrics from a song “if you want to make God laugh, tell him your plans”
He works I mysterious ways
Well, it’s nice to have received such nice notes. I don’t know if I ever wrote about this but I learned that the best way to teach is by being.
For example, you don’t teach one how to be kind. You are kind, and that in return teaches others. A true teacher doesn’t teach by speaking, they teach by doing. Ever since I’ve learned this I’ve been doing my very best.

To be continued…

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