Now that I’ve sat down to write what I’ve been up to today, I had a hard time remembering.

Upon some further time, I remember. I wrote a letter to my roommate, which ended up being two pages, one physical one that was double-sided. I had to lower the margins to narrow so that it would all fit on one page. I reviewed it and made no edits that I can remember, aside from removing the greeting and signage, which I wrote in pen. It was a letter stating that I’m putting my foot down and not accepting disrespect or negativity, and gave full context for why my own reactions the night prior had not been of utmost care. Maybe I apologized, in some way, but it was not explicit as much as it was this is what I’m experiencing, this is why I was frustrated with you yesterday and prior, and this is why that’s going to end.

After writing the note I knew I would have an interesting day, with that sort of tone and setting, so I did my best to leave it behind me and know that I had let go of all of that once I put the letter in an envelope and was rid of it.

Then throughout the day I worked on sharing my friend and I’s chai, I also prepared a pot of chai if I’m not mistaken, snacked on granola and an Apple, made dinner later in the night with my friend, and had a nice day. I also spoke briefly with my investor friend’s dad, who opened a self-defense academy, shared what I know about online marketing and congratulated him on the opening. At first I had thought he was inviting me to like the FB page because he goes there, and then he told me that he actually started it, which is neat it was started a month ago.

I hope he succeeds with the endeavor with the time, pace, and energy that would be best for him to succeed with it.

In the night, after dinner, I listened to messages from my friend in VA, that visited me last weekend, and replied back. Having a delay between messages is an interesting way to communicate with people.

Speaking of a delay this writing was began on February 3rd, and now it is continued on February 4th.

Last night before going to bed I ended up having an interesting conversation with my roommate’s guest, as well as my friend, and it lasted until around 1 AM. Then I spoke with that friend for another two hours or so, and went to bed at 3:30 AM after they passed out while I was speaking, which was actually a blessing because I had a starting realization which I was sharing right when they passed out. I went and meditated, maybe, wait not, I didn’t meditate yesterday. I went and listened to my friend’s messages and responded, then I decided I didn’t want to leave the friend fallen asleep on the chair and tried to wake them up but it didn’t work, and I went to bed.

To be continued…

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