Today I woke up at around 10:30 AM and messaged my friend in the morning, I also meditated for 21 minutes while listening to Kiran Bedi’s interfaith song which is 20 minutes and 38 seconds. I did not need a timer a result. I have the song and repeat, and after it goes roughly a minute into the repeat, I know I am done.

After that I took out the trash, and it took me a half hour, I snacked on granola and an apple, but eventually I got settled and started hunting for jobs. I applied to a dozen places, and also discovered that my friend sources tea from a place I had applied to, and has the hiring manager’s contact number that they’ll reach out to tomorrow. There will hopefully be no conflict of interest, since the chai my friend and I make is for personal use, and the supplier is a whole-seller. I also found out when I called to see if the position was still open, that they hadn’t yet filled it.

After two hours of applying to jobs, I started to work with my friend on sending out samples of chai to the people I had reached out to a few days prior. We sent out five samples in total, and I went to the post office to get it out. Then we made dinner and watched a movie with Adam Sandler called The Meyerowitz Stories, which was an interesting movie.

Then I went of, intending to bed, and ended up hanging out with my roommate.

Maybe I’ll meditate before bed.

Before my roommate went off to shower, as I was writing these last sentences, he asked me to wink in his Snapchat video that he was sending out to a group. He told me it’s a group of friends that wink wherever they are, and I said it’s advanced now they have themes (and groups) for Snapchat I haven’t used it in months. He said it’s whatever, it makes you feel connected to people, and kind of shrugged it off.

To be continued…

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