Yesterday happens to be a bit hard to remember, because I’m also trying to remember the previous night to Day 196.

I accidentally wrote about the night of day 194, just now, in fact I wrote two paragraphs, before having the idea to go back and check to see if I had already written about the memories I had of yesterday’s early morning at night.

These times are quite confusing in my head, because it’s like dinner and lunch mixing into linner, it’s just not clear where one ends and another starts.

So my memory of last day’s early morning is coming up blank. I will begin with the morning.

I woke up at 8:45 AM if I am not mistaken, and then at 9 AM I met with someone who I’ve built a site for, and we spent two hours discussing updates and things of that nature. We scheduled to meet next Friday and go over what they could be doing to boost their marketing.

Then I think I showered and went out with my friend to run errands. They went to the bank, and then we dropped by a kitchen-ware place, and then went to a grocery store. After putting everything away I think I went and took an intended nap of 20 minutes, that then turned into 2 hours. I woke up a bit dazed, and my friend and I cooked dinner: a vegan burger patty burger, which was delicious, with sweet fries and regular fries we’d cut. The guest of my roommate, who’s become someone I would call a friend, or rather, one, as in one who is enlightened and at one with the universe and consciousness, thus being one, atoned, at once, joined my friend and I for conversation while we ate dinner. We’d offered for him to have a burger with us, and he’d declined since he was eating something else.

Then I offered him the remaining sweet fry potatoes with some avocado and some other vegetables that were left over from the platter of sides, and I thought he would have a few to try them and instead took the whole plate: which was great. I wouldn’t have asked again out of kindness to not bother them, but I was hoping they would have the fries. My friend and I learned that they were going to be on a 20 hour bus-ride the next day, and only had $5 left. So my friend had the idea for us to create a care package for our leaving guest, and we put together a bag with apples, figs that I had left, prunes if I’m not mistaken, and some other assortments I forget, maybe some granola I had a small amount of.

The guest and I then headed out to a hookah lounge, as I’d offered for us to do prior to them even joining us for dinner. At the hookah lounge we looked at the art painted on the walls, and had more interesting conversations. I haven’t had hookah in ages, maybe as far back as six months ago, I have no idea. It was nice to go out, this has been the first time I have gone out since moving here, on my own accord, that is to say not accompanying someone else or being invited out. We ended up getting two waters each, because we were both thirsty. In fact, the owner of the lounge at the end of the night, while ringing me up would say “thirsty eh?”

I also got a refill for the hookah head, and I’d asked the owner if I could have a piece of foil to create a wind-hood. He was hesitant at first, stating that it will make the coals burner and make the smoke harsh. I let them know that I have a tried and tested technique, from someone by the name of (), who had worked there prior. Apparently () had left 4-5 months prior. It’s interesting how someone can go from talking about how the owner of the place mentioned that they could buy the place, or should one day, and then that they no longer work there. I guess everyone talks themselves or connections up, or at least it seems that way. Not that the comment was much. The owner had indeed joked to this person, (), that they ought to buy the place. But the joke is funny considering the circumstances.

As I write I wonder how much of this is digestible to someone else, considering now that someone may read it. I wouldn’t imagine why someone would get this far, since this most certainly appears to be dry and without plot re-account of this, that, and this.

I considered not writing tonight, deliberately. I don’t think I’ve considered that before. If I didn’t write for a night, or two, or a week, or two, it was unintentional. Tonight’s contemplation of not writing was different. Anyways, I digress because tonight is in a different day, that’s in Day 197.

Anyways, without digressing further and further, from the day prior to today, that is I am writing this on Day 197, because I have not written yesterday, I would like to continue on and share that while at the hookah lounge, the guest/friend and I met two people who asked us if we could play a cards game together.

One of these people was a chemical engineer, and the other was a computer engineer or in computer science or something of that nature. The computer science guy mentioned something interesting, in regards to how there’s fields like CSS where get paid a lot just for being good at it, rather than merely understanding it. I thought about this and shared how there was this guy one time giving a CSS presentation, on a neat system he’d created that was more advanced in grid management than even what Twitter and Google have on the market, and how that guy that presented the CSS information mentioned that he was unemployed, and running thin on savings, while building this system, and he offered himself to potential employers in the audience that would hire him, and he said he would even take pizza as a payment.

It’s insane to think that someone who has created the most efficient method of managing grids in CSS is finding it hard to eat. It’s insane actually, over and over and over again, not just once. So we played the card game and my friend won twice I think, and I think me and one of the new people at the table that I was partnered with won once. Between games we went outside and one of the people hit a vape and let me hit it a few times, and then we went back in.

After the card game was over, we left, and we were going to go into a bar, but my guest/roommate did not have a license. He only had a scan of his license, a social security card, and some other things like a library card. The bouncer couldn’t accept it, so we parted with the two people we’d met.

Then my friend and I tried another bar, and got the same answer. We went downstairs to eat pizza, and I got a vegan pizza, and also two slices of what my friend picked. I think it was pepperoni. We put one away for him for the next day, for the bus trip, and he ate the other. While eating, he told me he saw the guys from the hookah lounge behind me. I ran out and looked for them, and thought they were in a car, so I ran towards it with the pizza box, I wanted to ask them if they wanted some. They weren’t in the car and I looked back and my friend pointed down to my left, so I shouted after the peoples’ names and followed them and asked them if they wanted some pizza, and I told them some of the slices had Sriracha on there since I’d added it, and they asked which slices had Sriracha and they took the ones that had it. They were Saudi, the both of them, and here on student visas. They told me that I renewed their faith in humanity and they thanked me and were super happy and said that they would definitely see me again, as I had invited them prior to my home for chai and snacks whenever they’d like. They went on and I went back into the pizza place.

Oh I might add that before I knew these friends were behind me, outside, I asked a homeless person inside the pizza place if they wanted a slice. They grumbled something, and I say grumbled because it seemed terse at first, but it could have been anything, that sounded like nothing I could understand. I think they said that they can’t eat pizza, because of their mouth, or something. It was confusing because this person, whom I perceive to be homeless, had seemed to mumble or croon something while pointing to the menu and looking at the pizza maker. I went back to my table and did my thing, which was eating the pizza. So when I offered slices to the people my friend saw coming out of the bar, I was almost expecting them to turn it down, but since they didn’t it all worked out and the people who would benefit from pizza got pizza.

Afterwards I drove home, and tried to sleep. It was hard to sleep and I felt like I wanted to eat but I told myself to save the remaining two slices for tomorrow, and I didn’t. I got up and ate two slices with Veganaise on them. At first I tried to sleep in the couch, but could not fall asleep, and then I went to my room and still couldn’t fall asleep. I had three hours and forty minutes or so before having to wake up.

To be continued…

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