In the morning I woke up at 6:45 AM from sleeping on my back, simply by rising up. I told my guest, that I had offered to drive to the airport forty five to fifty minutes away, that I would be ready at 7 AM. Then I got dressed, got my phone, and was ready to head out the door. Actually, upon waking I also asked what time it is, and was told it was 6:45 AM, when rather, it was 6:43 AM. This confused because since I had not heard an alarm, and I confirmed it when I saw my phone. I was ready at around 6:55 AM. In the car I gave the guest a blanket to cover himself with, until the car heated up. He thanked me and I told him how my friend had recommended I keep one in the car, and I mentioned that they are thanking me for the action of brining it and my friend for the idea thereof.

After the airport I drove towards home, and stopped at a grocery store. I got coconut milk, which I haven’t gotten before, and right after putting back some Cashewgurt I decided was too expensive and not interesting enough to try, I got an email from a recruiter at a company I applied to on Monday, stating that they’d look over my resume and wanted to speak with me. I emailed them back, right in the eggs and milk isle, and told them I would be able to meet after 12:30 PM (it was 9:20 AM when I was writing this). So I finished grocery shopping and the recruiter had told me that they could meet me then, which was confusing because after 12:30 PM does not equate to 12:30 PM, but I just said that it sounds good and I’ll talk to them soon or something of that default accord.

After getting home I put away the things that needed to be refrigerated, rather quickly, and I showered. Then I spent an hour preparing for the interview, and the last half hour was non-active preparing, mostly chatting with my friend, and looking at things regarding the company and position passively without worry. I got a call 13 minutes late, and instead of rescheduling the recruiter asked if we can just get it done then and there, considering that they’d looked at my qualifications were certain I was probably a good fit.

So we talked and the end was a bit not clear to me, and I sounded confused and then the recruiter responded “that’s what I was just saying,” who knows maybe it was the less than four hours of sleep, but their message wasn’t all that clear that they were getting across. They said that they would talk with the hiring manager to figure out if they’d do a video interview or face to face interview or something like that, and also that they had to get this hiring manager’s approval first, and I was trying to find next steps and there were no next steps other than waiting for her to share me with the hiring manager, so that threw me off my game since I’m usually used to the next step being more readily available and clear. The recruiter told me that based on our conversation and my qualifications, she’s extremely certain the hiring manager would want to meet with me.

With that interview finished, I planned on napping but got far away from it. I ended up preparing three chai packages to go out to people interested to try it. In the middle of this I ate a quick lettuce and kale, and Veganaise sand-which, which I joked to yet another guest of the house that is the easiest and laziest vegan snack to make. After packing up the chai, I drove to the USPS store and sent it off. Then I went to the grocery store to refill jugs of water, and I also got tissues for my friend. I filled up their car for them, that I was using to run to USPS and the grocery store, and then headed back home.

Back home I cooked Chipotle flavored Quinoa with my friend, along with hummus, that we dipped carrots and broccoli and chips into, and with salad. After dinner we cleaned up and I began to write. Also my Mac has been having issues, as I may have mentioned, and before I started writing I read this piece. Woah, just as I was typing there was a weird flicker on my screen that showed multiple windows at once, but in a glitchy and not “this is a feature kind of way.” Once again, it’s annoying to have a piece of equipment behave like this, especially when it was replaced with the most recent model.

I upgraded to MacOS High Sierra Beta yesterday, hoping it would help, but it has not.

How is it possible for the best computer making company in the world to end up screwing up their operating system to the point where my computer crashes and has to restart, and gets interface issues every other day? This is literally like Microsoft and the Blue Screen of Death. Has humanity not mastered storing data on microchips and interacting with it in a relatively stable manner? What’s going on here?

Sometimes I think about this idea I’ve had, it could have been from an existing story or idea for all I know, that we are not getting better or worse in technology. That we may have just been stagnating for the past 2,000 years, but no one has enough memory, or enough computer space to be able to store the knowledge of what happened past 10 years ago, and as a result we always forget that it’s always been like this. Maybe this theme is slightly explored in Wall-E and Idiocracy. I can’t remember exactly.

To be continued…

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