I am not fairly certain that I can remember Thursday and Friday. Today it is Saturday.

Based on my MapMyRun statistics, it would appear that I ran 4 miles on Thursday. That is, I ran a mile in 7 minutes 12 seconds, and hen I ran 3 miles in 23 minutes 51 seconds (at a pave of 7 minutes 55 seconds a mile). This is a good run and all, although I would like to either run a mile in under 6 minutes again, or run 3 miles in under 21 minutes (for the first time).

I woke up at around 9:30 AM today and then worked on a marketing project from around 11 AM to 2 or 3 PM. After my work was complete I organized the files on my computer and deleted duplicates, and at around 5 PM my friend from the East Coast called me. I’d been pretty low energy and I felt like our call was low energy as well. I wanted to text them and apologize. Then they told me as I was thinking these things that it was nice to chat, and I told them how I’d felt and they said they felt the same way.

While preparing dinner this friend told me now is a good time to meditate, so I listened and went and meditated for 42 minutes in silence, without chanting or any of that. Well, I chanted a bit after half of the meditation was done but I didn’t start off chanting.

I had some sort of realization. I forget what exactly. It might have been something regarding the importance of doing, having a dream of what I want to be doing, rather than finding myself documenting what I have been doing today and for as long as I can remember. I have been thinking today about karma, and how I might allow myself to be doing something else had I different energy, and how I may be able to find that energy.

Whilst meditating I ran out of energy for feeling low energy, so then I started to feel a good energy and I let that warm my being.

Afterwards I had dinner with my friend, and they had also made rice pudding, which was marvelous. After dinner I read a bit regarding Tesla and SpaceX and I watched some videos on the matter. I came here to write, realizing that I had skipped two nights, not one, and that I could barely remember what had gone on.

On Facebook today I removed all the posts from my wall. I don’t want to use that social media network anymore than I have to.

To be continued…

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