This week has been interesting. I don’t have day-by-day recollections, as I have not been for a few days.

I do have running logs to keep track of time though.

On the 12th, Monday that is, I ran 1.04 miles in 9 minutes 14 seconds, likely as a warmup. Then I ran 3 miles in 22 minutes 52 seconds, at a pace of 7:37 minutes a mile.

The next day, on the 13th that is, I ran 1 mile in 7 minutes 16 seconds, as a mile race most likely, and then I ran 2.26 miles in 18 minutes 38 seconds, at a pace of 8 minutes 15 seconds.

Today I ran a mile at the pace of 7 minutes 20 seconds, then right afterwards I ran another mile at the pace of 7:51, and finally I ran one more mile at a pace of 6 minutes 41 seconds. I have this picture in mind, where I can run a sub-six minute mile, after running a sub 14 minute two miler. I feel that being able to do this would make it easier to start honing down on just an individual mile.

My back has been feeling better today, than in a long time. I think I completed yoga with my friend yesterday or the day before today.

Yesterday I studied for my interview, which was set for today’s morning at 9 AM. I went to bed a bit late, around 1 AM, and I had to wake up no later than 6:30 AM. I felt somewhat prepared but not all that prepared since the position didn’t have a lot of information online and since the only way I’d know more about it was through the interview. How can one prepare for something one doesn’t know about? I did my best, and it turned out well today.

The interviewer ended up speaking poetic sentences about the universe, waves, music, and how that all intersects with spirituality and then boom there’s also technology and other modern aspects it relates to. I took notes of this, which I’m glad, since these words are poetic and now remembered. My interviewer told me that he went to Berkley and I inquired why they don’t list it in their studies, they said because they only went there for a year. As crazy as it might sound though, he told me that he learned more in that one year than at any of the other universities he went to (and got degrees within).

Isn’t that crazy indeed? I’m glad I picked up on this detail and asked about it. It shows me an interesting perspective into how people feel about their degrees. The trainer I’ve mentioned before never explicitly stated he went to college, although he likely had multiple degrees, and now this interviewer didn’t list one year of Berkley, because it wasn’t a complete degree, but all in all it was the most valuable?

Can you imagine a world where we weren’t judged or feeling judged and we could go out without hiding our amount of over education or none-completed education, or heaven-forbid, non-prestigious-education? Why don’t people know yet that what was in style before, like business suits, just aren’t to some people:

Why I Don’t Wear a Suit and Can’t Figure Out Why Anyone Does !

So here we are, thinking that suits are a must and that certain levels of proper education, that isn’t terminated early, or completed at a place where it costs less than 200,000 currency a year to attend, or that it didn’t result in over-education, when really all of that is out of style. Doubt over these things are so not valuable!

My interviewer said something else that I liked today… Trickle down. Gosh I forget what. Maybe Trickle Down Compassion? I forget, but it reminded me of a term I came up with one time, coined and wrote about and all, with “trickle down” in it as well. So yeah me and the hiring manager really hit it off and I’m awaiting on a response that will come at the latest, at the end of this upcoming week. In the meanwhile I’ve arranged to meet with…

As I write I wonder what the benefit of jotting all of this down is. You know, I created these mind maps today and remembered that I haven’t written and then I was like wait a minute, I wrote these mind maps, maybe my writing is shifting from one into another. Not to worry that my creativity is limited, and if I write regarding my own story it may take away from me creating another, but to say that maybe there is a limit to how much can happen in one day on two things, and I really want to meditate right now and relax. As nice as writing may be, it requires more effort to sit upright, and to write, than it does not to. Maybe I’m being soft right now because I have to charge my laptop, and am not able to lay on the couch as I often do when I write these notes.

To wrap it up, I spoke with a friend over the phone these past few days, maybe twice via the phone and I’ll speak with them soon, hoping they can at the time we rescheduled to, in 40 minutes from now, and I look forward to that.

I will meditate now and message them.

To be continued…

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