It’s crazy to think that there are 156 days left until it’s a year from the time that I started writing day to day. Well, you see, recently it hasn’t been, and it may never be again, but it is what it is.

I can’t quite think back as far as Thursday or Friday is concerned. I was still waking up late for some reason, trying to wake up early, and I ran.

Then the next day, on Friday, I ran again.

The interesting thing about this all is that last year I ran 40 miles in the last 3 months of the year, or rather recorded 40 miles in the last three months of the year, and this year I’ve run almost that in just two months.

That’s crazy! If I kept this pace up, I will have run 240 miles by the end of the year. In fact, it should pick up if all goes well on my end. I INTEND to run 4 miles a day, Monday through Saturday, starting tomorrow, Monday the 19th of February, 2018, for 365 days.

I have been thinking if this is a harmful goal to have, one that could end up being damaging to my body. As much as it may hurt my back at times to run, I feel this is very health and manageable, and in fact, happens to be the bare minimum I would want to partake in running in order to even consider running a marathon by summer, as I too intend to accomplish.

Yesterday, which was Saturday, was a great day. I went to bed around 1 AM last night, and then today I woke up at 5:26 without an alarm, and without having to use the bathroom. My body knew that if I want to wake up tomorrow at 5:30 AM, it’s going to be best that I do that today. Or rather it knew that if my body WILL be waking up tomorrow, it’s best it wakes up today.

I don’t think I’ve used capitalization before on my site, in a manner as I have, I guess there’s a first time for everything,

Today I worked on a variety of projects, ranging from personal business projects, to getting prepared for my likely upcoming second interview, by speaking with a friend’s father who is a professor and asking for their advice. At first I second-doubted my decision to ask for their input, because I worried it may have not been necessary and a waste of time for them. Then after the call, I realized I was mistaken. Speaking with them gave me the confidence I needed to know that I have the right approach coming, and that I want to minimize the oddness of presenting in an interview as much as possible.

After getting input, I shared tips and tricks with this person in regards to marketing their self-defense and fighting school that they started. It was nice that I shared as much with them, which took as long to share, as it did for them to listen. Balance is always great!

Oh today in the morning I also meditated for 42 minutes. I probably did 75% of the other days, but I forget about it. Just yesterday I drove someone to the airport, I forgot about that too earlier while writing about it above. With so much going on, I cannot keep track of all of these minute details, especially since I’m keeping track of so many other seemingly important ones.

I want to start limiting the amount of tabs I keep open on my computer. I’ve got around 40 right now, as I often do, but surely this must not be good for me.

Additionally, today, my friend and I got another chai order, from the first customer we got an order from, which was really exciting. They even left a note in the order that they love the chai. Isn’t that marvelous? The first order was big, and this second one was big too. I’m so excited to get the chai in this person’s hands, in the new packaging and all, and to possibly meet them. They’re a local customer that I’ve dropped off a package for before, since they’re so close and work at the same company my friend worked at and get work at, at any time.

In the evening I went for a run which lasted for 42 minutes, 27 seconds, and 74 milliseconds. I ran anywhere from 4 miles to 5 miles today, I’m not quite sure since I left my phone home. There was no reason to record the run, since I hadn’t even asked of myself to run today, but had to since the weather was so great, and since there are so many more that will count for the clock and so forth.

For dinner my friend and I made vegan taco boats, and they were really yummy. I’m not ready for bed, off to wake up at 5:30 AM. Wish me luck, and as always…

To be continued…

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