You know, if I had to tell you the details of my day to day for the past week, it would be quite difficult.

I know that throughout last week I ran Monday through Saturday, in addition to the Sunday before the week started. I ran at least 4 miles a day, and found out that what the running trail I was using that I thought was 4 miles or 5 miles long, is actually 4.5 miles long.


This is last week and this week, mind you Monday is not in the screenshot and Tuesday I left my phone home:

On the 19th, i.e. Monday, I ran the following distances and times:

On Tuesday I probably ran 4 miles or 4.5 miles. Who knows? On Wednesday I ran the following time and distance:

Then on Thursday I ran the following time:

On Friday:

After running 4 miles, I ran my cool-down half mile and got home. My roommate’s friend said I should have told him I was going on a run, I asked why, and he said because he would have joined me. I said let’s go then. He asked what I meant. I said we can go on a run, and he asked if I just got back from one. I said I did. He asked how long I ran, I said four miles, or four and a half, and he said he’s not going to run for that long, and I said I’ll run however long you want to run.

That run ended up being a mile long. My roommate’s friend, i.e. my friend too, finished at around eight minutes and thirty seconds. I sped up on the last fourth because I could and wanted to improve my workout. The friend said I kicked their butt on that run, and I didn’t see that as much as they did. I got to workout another mile after my run was done. and they got to run alongside someone and maybe finish ten seconds faster as a result, and you’re always a winner if you’re outside running on iced snow.

On Saturday I ran 4 miles with a 7 minute 14 second pace. Then I ran half a mile with a 6 minute 31 second pace.

On Sunday, I took a break.

Today, I ran horrendous times. I had gone out, intending to run a sub-six mile, at around 9:30 AM. I had woken up at 6 AM I believe.

I could barely keep up a 2 minute pace for a fourth of a mile. I attempted to race a mile, twice, and then ended up walking 30% of the time or power-walking. Not quite sure what happened today. I had some heart burn or indigestion or whatever it may be, and felt out of it and tired, but not quite sure why my performance took such a dip.

Throughout the past week I’ve been promoting @drinkommate on Instagram, which has been fun and keeping my friend and I busy. Today I also got a response from my recruiter, at a company I interviewed at the Wednesday before last week, if I am not mistaken. We scheduled a second interview for this Wednesday, which I am excited for. I really want this position, and can see how it will trickle down into putting me into places that I want to be throughout my life.

Aside from that, I’ve been keeping on. Not quite sure what else to mention…

I completed yoga last week, maybe once, I think it helped my back. In fact, my back has been doing really well recently. I’m happy for that because sometimes it’s given me pains and I don’t like to take no pain from my back!

I also forgot to mention that I think my run on Saturday, with the 7 minute 14 second pace, was a personal record for a 4 mile event. This is really exciting! I think it all happened because I Instagrammed some person who I noticed ran, and asked what they run 3 miles in. They said 15 minutes and some seconds, which blew my mind considering I could barely scratch a 21 minute 3 mile right now. So I figured to pick up the pace. They told me to keep up the training, and that was nice of them. So I think that’s how I’ve been able to take my 4.5 mile time down from 42 minutes to a healthy 29 minutes.

To be continued…

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