Boy, it seems like this whole daily thing is no longer a thing. I’m not quite sure how it happened. Here I was, all expecting my time writing about my journey to convert into “productive” writing time, like a book or a script or a proposal or something, You know? Something that I can take my ability of writing 1-2 hours a day, consistently, and convert it into something that’ll grow for me.

I had thought that would happen, but it seems that since I started running 4-4.5 miles a day, my time has been converted from writing into running. I don’t mind the change. It’s just that I was anticipating an easy win, gains all across the board. Here I am, finally able to have 6-10 more hours a week, without having to write, yet discovering that isn’t truly the case.

Between last Tuesday and today, Monday, I have no idea what has really happened, day to day.

I did yoga at some point. It helped me recover from my running journeys. Also last Wednesday, at 10 AM, I completed my second interview with the company I had interviewed at for the first time, a week and a half prior. I got an offer last Friday and was very excited.

Throughout the past week I’ve also worked on putting together a course outline, for a marketing course I am putting together and expecting to have done by the end of this week. I also discussed an upcoming site with a wedding planner, that I should be building starting this month, God willing, and then I also spent time proposing a marketing campaign for one of my previous clients. Today I finally heard his frustrations with where his competitors stand, how they interact, and how their quality suffers. That sort of frustration is great if there’s an outlet for change that you find. Otherwise, you’ll run around in circles, ruminating about the world coming apart and what have you, but that doesn’t generate growth. That is stagnation.

I don’t judge this person for their perspective, because I’ve shared all sentiments that they have now, in the past. It’s just that after someone like me misses so many damn opportunities, ranging from exposure to monetary gains, I’ve learned how to be comfortable with finding something and giving it my all. Right now it looks like it’s at the intersection of technology, marketing, and health.

This is a little bit of that “health” part…

Granted there’s a workout missing for last week, I only logged one mile. That’s because my friend called me and I spoke with them, and then the battery was on 3% so I put my phone on airplane mode. Then there’s Saturday, where my first run came in at a pace of 6 minutes a mile, for the first two miles, which is incorrect. It was likely around a 6 minute 30 second pace, but it was messed up by me accidentally pausing the running app for a minute or two, without me realizing it. When I turned it back on, the GPS thought that I had traversed time and space much more quickly than I had actually done.

It was funny to me, my friend on the day that I lost the data for the remaining three miles of my run, told me that they would call in 5 minutes. I asked them to call in 7 and a half minutes. It was a legitimate request. I knew it would take me around 30 seconds to get my running app back up and measuring my performance, and it ended up taking a bit longer. I sprinted the remainder of the mile, and turned off the app because it was stuck multiple times and would not work. I figured I would be better off saving my battery so I could actually take the call, and my request for 7.5 minutes didn’t turn into a missed called due to a dead battery.

Today I ran the first .7 of my first mile with a pace of around 5 minutes 45 seconds. I was really hoping for a sub-six mile, but with the rising elevation, and the fasting of the entire day, quite actually over 17 hours since I had the leftovers of yesterday’s dinner, at 2 AM, I was evidently not cut out for it, today…

It’s alright, it’s quite alright. I completed a sub-six mile for 70% of my run. It won’t take much training to be able to keep up my energy for the remainder of that 30%. In fact, I am certain that in just a week and a half to two weeks from now, with a little regular rest, hemp protein that I bought today, Maca powder for energy, a small snack, proper stretching, a straight shot without increasing elevation, daylight to minimize the impact of hitting the ground at odd angles or timings, and less wind to reduce the “friction” of my body against the atmosphere, I should be able to clock a 5 minute 45 second mile with minimal impact to my body or lungs. It’ll be a walk in the park. Once I’m able to reproduce that walk in the park consistently, and once I am able to maintain that walk in the park through more difficult elevations or situations, and once I am able to extend that pace beyond a mile to a mile and a half, and once I get some interval training in, I should be able to really have a shot at breaking my goal of 5 minutes 30 seconds within my 365 day journey.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before. I had this arbitrary number I came up with. A 4 minute 47 second mile. I want to run that. Maybe this year. I don’t know. The sooner, the better, you know?

I want to run that and I want to run a marathon soon. It’ll be a beautiful spring. I’m hoping once I get some funds to get a bike, to invest in some marketing projects of my own, to get parkour gym membership packages that allow me to visit their gym at least 5 times a month, and to get into herbs and plants and healing more. I could learn about it today for free I guess. I could go on the internet and look at bikes and look at the gym I am eyeing, and oh wow, I can’t believe this. I just realized that the gym I was eyeing is about 10 minutes east of where my work will be, and my work will be only 12-13 minutes east of where I live.

My old commutes on the East coast used to take 35 minutes in the morning and about 45 minutes in the evenings. For practically that same amount of commuting time, from time to time, I should be able to hit the parkour gym and get some energy out in some non-linear running way; in some creative, explosive, get things done sort of way. That’ll be fun.

I guess there’s importance in looking forward to things or looking ahead towards things. Just by thinking about what I have described, regardless of whether or not I can have it now, is exciting me of how things are lining up, and giving me ideas about how to connect it together. I’ve already been thinking about my bike route to work and how I want to do that as often as possible. It would be a bit brutal, it’s 6 miles or so, UP-HILL the entire time way. I guess coming home will be easy though, so that’s nice.

Yesterday I went out to dinner with my friend, her son, and her daughter in law. The dinner was yummy and the company was fun.

After dinner last night I was trying to do some market research into my target audience for my marketing course, so I asked my roommate’s friend some questions, and got some interesting answers. All in all, between what I’ve been hearing and learning from my roommate’s friend, my roommate, my two potential clients who have been previous clients, and another party, I’ve gained some valuable information, and inspiration, to empower people of all walks of life, with all different types of interests and capabilities.

Making it all come together, and seeing it through successfully will be a challenge, but so will be running a mile in 4 minutes 47 seconds.

My lower back has been giving me little warmth and tingles, a discomfort that’s still there now. I think I really should not run at night. It doesn’t do any of my body good to be out at night hitting the ground again and again, especially up-hill. After running my first mile today my right hip was extremely upset. I considered going home and letting go of running 4 miles a day, so that I may not expense my health in return for reaching my goals. It was a thought inspired by how the process is more important than goals, a piece I read today. I did some calculating and realized that my pain was something I could work through and if I did, it would minimize it later on rather than cause it to increase. So I ran and ran. In the last leg of my run, the last mile, it was extremely unhappy. I wasn’t.

I ran on back, excited to get home and make dinner with my friend, and get my night and writing underway.

To be continued…

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