I don’t even know if the dates are accurate anymore, with the way I’m counting them. I can’t believe it’s been 14 days since I last wrote. That’s insane! I never thought I would be down to writing less and less. I will be quick, because I must meditate today 42 minutes before it becomes midnight.

You see, when I had 21 days and 21 minutes or something of that nature left, before I will turn 22 on April 9th, I began to meditated, and I meditated through the 21 days, into 20 days and 23 hours and so forth. I think that was the night before yesterday, and yesterday was Monday, the night before yesterday was Friday. Well, anyways, I hadn’t planned it to work out like that.

As I turn 22, my meditations will occur in chunks of 22 minutes, or 44 minutes, or 88 minutes. I can’t wait to try the 88 minute mark! I don’t remember if I’ve done something like that before, although I do know I have done an hour and twenty two minutes before.

I’ve been going hard on running, last Thursday I ran 4 miles with a 6 minute 47 second pace which was so exciting! I broke a personal record!

Where there’s lapses (between Monday through Sunday), I ran without a phone. Yesterday for example I had my phone but I ran on a treadmill, and I just haven’t had a chance or interest to manually log those distances and times. My goal is to run 4-5 miles a day, for 6 days a week, for an entire year. So even if I miss the data, I will know that I ran at least 1152 miles.

But before I get ahead of myself, I want to show you the pace of my mile times on Saturday.

This is amazing because I was getting faster and faster each lap. Granted, my “mile laps” on average were slower than the run from Thursday, but it was extremely intense to keep up a 6:51 for my second to last mile, and a 6:39 for my last mile on Saturday: compared to running a 7:03 for my second to last mile and a 6:36 for my last mile on Thursday.

Yesterday’s treadmill run felt so trapping. Looking at the sky and mountains, without being able to move towards them, was dreadful. Maybe it ought to be called a dreadmill! I didn’t go outside because I hadn’t brought clothes to go out, and even though I could feel chilly and still run in shorts, I decided to try and use the gym. Now, don’t get me wrong, the gym will be great for weight lifting and stretching and so forth, which I just remembered I haven’t done in a long time, but it won’t be where I run. Maybe if it rains… Maybe…

Today I ran outside during my lunch and spoke to my friend from the East Coast on the phone, whilst running. Then I was in a rush to get dressed, because I was pressuring myself into making it back an hour after I started my lunch, although I’m certain it’s not all important to anyone right now considering that I am training, come in early at 7:30 of my own accord, and the funny thing is I actually stayed past the “9 hour” mark today by about 20 minutes. I guess the old workforce coordinator in me (a position I held in the past), is stressing myself out for no good reason.

My anxious state led me to seeing a baked potato in a glass container I had for lunch, and I knew I wouldn’t have time to get cereal or care enough to go to my desk, where there’s some paper bowls, get one, and go back to the break room to pour coconut milk and put it back in the fridge. I ate 75% of the potato, picking it up out of the container I opened, and laid the container on the surface holding the sinks of the bathroom, and took two bites like a caveman and went back to work.

Yesterday I ate an orange after my run, even though I could have had cereal, because of the same purpose. It’s not like it’s out of my control. I could make sandwiches before work or the night before, but I have been in this experimental mood of fasting again, now that I have a job that is not physically intensive. I’m convinced fasting is great for one’s body and mind.

Today, after coming home from work, I went shopping. Then I cooked and ate with my friend, and then I worked on updating our chai site and worked on some other things, in a rush to start writing my book, which I have until I turn 22 to publish.

Some other things that have been happening over the past two weeks is I’ve been chatting with someone interesting that’s 9 hours ahead of me. It’s been fun. They messaged me back on two different occasions, doing what I had done in the message I sent them. The first one I pet my friend’s cat with my foot, and they sent one back petting their dog. Then the next one, I bent my feet to touch my ribs, which I found out I could do in the past two weeks, and they sent back a video of themselves doing the same thing (granted I think their foot was an inch at the closest to their ribs, but nonetheless, marvelous for someone who may have not been a yoga in a past life, like I am convinced I have been). Seeing the reflection of the self, completing these similar things, discovering them, by the same premise I’m sure this friend hadn’t done this foot to the rib thing, was delightful.

They asked me to share exercises with them, so I went running one day and the exercise was to go somewhere that makes you question whether you are in real life or a dream. I ran up a hill, and on the way back up it and down, I stopped to overlook my entire city, from a beautiful scene.

Pretty beautiful eh?

I then ran home, and while running down the hill from where those chairs are, I jumped over a ditch and slipped on the sand, nearly breaking something, falling, scratching my face and hands off, and breaking my new phone. I saved myself from the terrible fall I set myself up for, which was literally a force of jumping off a hill, across a ditch, onto sandy asphalt.

My coworker has a drone by the way. I had mentioned earlier, weeks earlier that I want one. It would be really useful for creating beautiful videos like that ones that I want to create. Even that scene which I ran to would be a great shot. I will determine if it’s a good idea to get it and when I should, if I do.

I’ve got to meditate now for 42 minutes, to get it in before midnight, and I want to be in bed before midnight if possible, so that I can get six and a half hours of sleep tonight, at the minimum.

If you got this far, in this post, or through my writings overall, I thank you, and as always, until the day I die, just kidding, maybe…

To be continued…

P.S. I wrote 3033 words for my upcoming book today, with a rate of 60 words per minute, roughly. I was transcribing from the audio notes I’ve taken two or three months ago.

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