Wow. It has been 76 days since I last wrote. That breaks the record for the longest hiatus I’ve taken in writing since I began doing this.

Things have been going well, a little bit more well than I could have hoped for at this point in time. I’ve found a parkour gym that I’ve been to during the last three weekends. My second time there I learned I am oblivious to flirting women, especially if I am surrounded by endless parkour opportunities. I learned to find some sort of balance in being interested in what I am interested in, and coming off as rude.

Additionally, my friend from the East Coast, whom I met when I attended my first yoga class, is visiting at the end of this month. I’m so excited to get to see them for a whole week! They’ll be working remotely most of the days they’re here, but will have a Wednesday and Thursday. They work 13 hours on a Sunday, which I think is just insane, even for me, someone who’s been working on average 44-45+ hours a week for the past month and a half.

I don’t know if I wrote about this, I doubt I did, I ran a 10k and got a 46:57 on it, with a 7:33 mile pace. I don’t think I trained for that really, since I hadn’t run in the past two weeks leading up to it as far as I know. I did drink a beer during that run, and even went through a slip and slide, so that was really fun. My mom and brothers visited at that time, and it was so nice seeing them.

Just now I am finally starting to feel like my birthday happened a while ago, since I looked back and say I had last written in April, and now it has been nearly 3 months since then, so I can feel like it’s in the past and no longer “last week” or “the week before last week.”

Today I’ve been doing my best to start on a new rhythm I set up for myself. It’s still in a draft mode. it includes an 11 minute meditation, listening to motivational podcasts on the drive to work, a 9 minute Tony Robbins meditation, writing every day for 30 minutes, working on my business, planning my day, driving home and listening to more educational or motivational material (which may be switched out with shooting my own videos or podcasts on the drive back), running and listening to a book, cooking, cleaning, and eating dinner, meditating another 11 minutes, having my 1-9 minute daily improvement-meditation, programming, learning web server stuff, yoga, showering, and sleeping, along with Kundalini on Tuesdays, Parkour on Sundays, and a full personal-work-day on Saturday,.

Boy! What a mouthful.

A week or so ago my coworker, L., mentioned to my coworker S. that I was a natural with the ladies or something of that nature. I responded “what?” and they reminded me of when we got breakfast one time and the waitress was all over me. It was hilarious to me because I had thought the waitress was just giving great service. My tab was $15-20, and i believe I left a $10 tip. I left that place thinking “that waitress was really great, this was great service.” I hadn’t taken them taking my order while taking a knee, more or less in my lap, super close to me, as something personal. I was sitting down and I thought them getting on a knee and being so close was just them being down to earth, and probably wanting to hear me.

I could be right for all I know. But after seeing an attractive woman flirt with me, and being able to re-see it on my Go-Pro since I was using it to record my parkouring, and seeing just how interested that woman was in speaking with me and how I practically ignored her, made me rethink that I may have been wrong about the waitress. Funny enough, that place where the waitress works is the only place I’ve been to in a specific city, twice now (aside from a club). Once to meet my coworkers, another time to get food when I was meeting a friend that was at a bus stop nearby for a connection. I will probably go there again.

In fact, for my friend who is visiting, I realized that they like to have a plan, and may have anxiety when there isn’t a clear plan, or develop anxiety when looking at options, determining critical information to make decisions. So I went ahead and created a “menu” of activities in my city and the surrounding areas, destinations, places to eat, night goings, and such. I shared it with them but they haven’t had a chance to see it yet. I was exceptionally proud of myself for being proactive, thinking ahead, and placing myself in my friend’s shoes, even though I personally have 0 anxiety about what to do or where to go when I visit places, as I trust in the flow of all things to be good.

Over the past two months I also moved to a different place, started shooting my friend’s weekly marketing courses (the woman I met on top of a mountain, more or less manifesting the CMO I’ve always wanted to meet, and just being so grateful for being able to learn from them), and so much more. I haven’t been running too much. I went running maybe two or three weeks ago, for a mile I believe, and I was just so spent after about half a mile at a 5:30 pace. I was extremely slow for the rest of it.

Aside from not running, I’ve had injury after injury, whether being sore from moving or being sore from parkour, that has kept me away from it. But now that I’ve got a marathon coming up in September, which I paid for about a month or so ago, that other people from my company are also running, the stakes are high. I have to start training. I also want to attempt, er…, I mean, break, the 5:25 mile goal I had set for myself last year. I just looked back and realized that I thought today was “day 340” then figured out my first post last year was on the 18th, meaning that there are 17 days including today left, making today “day 348.”

I thought I had 25 days left to break this goal! My personal best on the mile was probably 5:29 or 5:30 last year. Man, do I wish I just put in an extra second’s faster run for each .25 miles I ran last year. I could have broken it then and there.

My staffing is good, as per my first post I indicated I wanted to be better at staffing.

“On July 18th, 2018, I will run a 5:25 mile. This previous Thursday I ran a mile in 6:28 (after already having jogged a mile or two which made me tired).

On this date I will also be ten times better at staffing and playing the flute. I will easily be able to write 1,000 words a day. This will happen because I am in control of my destiny and reality, and these goals are small and attainable. They are no match for my capabilities. I will be able to outshine such goals and impress myself with my ability to grow in just one year.”

I just wrote 1236 words in 24 minutes, so I feel that i can write 1,000 words a day. The question is not once, but rather, consistently? I am definitely 10 times better at staffing, which I’m not too sure how it happened. I have not practiced much. However, I think it is being plant-based, as well as being well-trained in breath control, and precision movements, flexibility, dexterity, and being ambidextrous that made it all the more easier. As for playing the flute, I’m definitely 10 times better at it. I could create a decent album if I put my mind to it in the next 14 days, whereas I’m not sure if it would have been a tenth as decent last year. I think that’s just hinged on me knowing what I like, and having more experience with the flute, as well as having a new one that I was gifted for Christmas which has a drone, making it all the more complex and interesting.

I think what it really comes down to is seeing how I will fare with this running goal. Anyways, I have to continue my lunch, so time to run!

To be continued…

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