Yesterday I didn’t run. By the way, yesterday was day 352. I am writing a day after my day occurred now, just because that’s what’s possible.

After work I visited my friend, then headed over to a coworking space to meet another friend who helped me put together a personal brand statement. It was a marvelous process and highly worth it. I feel that my friend is extremely empowering and anyone can benefit from working with her.

I also realized that my friend who gave me this service, is intuitive just like my other friend from the east coast is who is trained in teaching yoga. I thought that was so neat, I see there being truth in being in tune. Both of these people have inspired me on my path and pushed me forward, I can directly see the correlation between who I am now, which I’ve always been capable of being, and their guidance. By engaging with them I began to see the power of a serious mentor or friend who has your best interests at heart, and it inspired me to be able to do that for others!

My friend who gave me this personal brand statement has a grandmother who is Romanian. Isn’t that crazy? Small world!

The most interesting thing that happened to me this month, maybe even longer, is that after my friend thought I was 24 years old, and I told her I’m 22, and we discussed our Romanian heritage, she made some comment about my name, Octavian. She couldn’t believe that was my name. She thought I had taken it, as I had also identified as Krishna when I met her. I had to show her my ID for her to believe me. She was bewildered, having thought that Octavian was a planet or something (it looks like it’s a solar system after we Googled it, which I did not know, and also just recently it’s funny because I started listening to this rapper named Octavian from the UK, which I did not tell her about, because I was probably looking up Octavian at some point or another and found him), and she also mentioned that she thought there was an emperor or something by that name. I confirmed that with her and shared that Octavian means eighth born, as she saw when she Googled it, and also that Krishna means 8th avatar of Vishnu, and that the 8 symbol turned on its side is infinity.

She told me about the epic that the Bhagavad Gita is a part of, and I must read that now. She also assumed that I openly identify as Krishna and always had, which was not the case. That happened for the first time I believe when I met her, simply because of the “discernment” I had that it was appropriate to share that considering of my circumstance in meeting her after turning around, after played the flute for a bit while sitting on a rock at the top o fa mountain. Then she said “but you said that when you introduced yourself here” and I responded I had already done it with her, and so I felt more comfortable doing it again, and everyone else there was a stranger I probably wouldn’t see again so I did not care and that’s why it happened.

Well isn’t that neat. I guess it took a connection with an  in-tune Romanian-heritage wanderluster/in-tune marketer for me to experiment with my identity and to discover new things about myself, about business, and about people in general. What a great outcome for having run out the door to meet that CMO guy I was hoping to meet when I went to that mountain!

Afterwards I met a guy behind a counter that I have a strong rapport with. I told him he should visit CoSM, he told me his kid’s sonogram 3D cast was painted by Alex and Allyson and is somewhere there, although he hasn’t met them. Isn’t that insane!

Once I was done at that store, I went to my friend’s house, and I’m moving back in where I used to live now that the situation there with my previous roommates is inexistent. I thought I would move back in 2 months, since I need to give a 30 days’ notice, but my existing landlord told me I couldn’t burn incense so that made my decision to bail out at the end of the month, and bail out on my $100 or $150 deposit all that much easier.

How can Krishna live without burning incense? He can’t!

I’m excited to move back in with my friend, we’re also putting together documents for my 50% ownership of the chai company that we’ve been working on for the past year. I’m excited to be able to work on it again, it’s just much easier when I’m close to my business partner and friend and able to collaborate!

I didn’t run yesterday, I want to run today however. I think everything is coming together for me to be healthy, happy, and energized. Which is very nice.

I want to visit the East Coast in the fall.

Aside from that, my mind is blank. I can’t really think of anything else that’s going on. Oh! Before I run out of time.

I’ve been recording my friend’s courses every Monday for the past four weeks. Before that, I went to three of her courses. I’m shooting her next 4 talks. Her friend wants me to shoot an event tomorrow at noon. I was invited by my friend to an event for yoga tomorrow at 2-3:30 PM, since she is finishing up her 300 hour yoga training. Then next weekend, when I go off-call, (I go on-call for work today at 6 PM meaning I have to be available at a drop of a dime in case something happens to the customer experience at my company for the next week), so when I go off call in the weekend I’m planned to shoot my friend biking (with my drone and other video equipment). Isn’t that crazy? I’ve got all these video shooting projects going and I never had an intention to do so. It just came to me.

My friend from the east coast that’s a yoga teacher is the one who told me the vision they have of me being a director of a $10 million dollar film, or something just as profound. This is what I mentioned. They empower me, because if I hadn’t heard that, I wouldn’t have it to remember as all of a sudden I am thrust into a direction of recording, recording, and more recording.

I am essentially an archiving machine, which I’ve come to understand somewhat over the past few weeks and days.

With all of this in mind, it’s all quite exciting.

I want to get some a monitor or two soon, set up a work station after moving in towards the end of the month, and get serious about spreading chai, veganism, positivity, parkour, and working on videography going forward.

To be continued…

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